I believe in the power of a united people working to help one another, positively.  I believe that success comes through the continuous positive motivation of others around you, and your own inner strength and ability to be constant and unwavering towards your goals.  To be successful you must always remember, life is like a movie in which everyone is an actor and nobody is an Extra!

Why General Fox?

I started working with computers when I was ten, back in the mid 1970’s, and have seen a lot of change in the industry. I discovered BBS Boards while working on my 8-bit Atari, later finding myself on Arpanet, and eventually ending up on the Internet using a Intel 286 PC. It was during my early hacking days on the BBS Boards and Arpanet that I was awarded the name “General Fox”.

Website Content

The first version of this website focused on the usual personal elements like the car’s I’ve owned, pictures I’ve taken. But now my website now focuses on more important things – things that affect people.

The remote extraction of biological signals!

While working in an Electronics Lab in college I became interested in the generation and absorption of electrical signals by the human body.  I found it cool – I was in a lab and used a hand-held temperature scanner to read an individuals body temperature. The gun read the infrared radiation generated by his body and converted it into an estimate of the person’s temperature. Later in life while visiting the high-risk prenatal section in a hospital and was feeling sad to see babies hooked up to equipment laying isolated in their cribs, and I thought it would be awesome if they could be monitored without having anything touching them. So I started looking for a solution. Quick research revealed that there has not been any significant research in remote ‘no-touch’ monitoring, and that current biological extraction methods restrict the speed ethical biological research can be conducted as the majority of research currently requires the patient having undergone invasive procedures (surgery) which is time consuming, prone to health risk, and which restrict mobility. Finding a remote way would usher in sensor systems that do not have the above mentioned risks or impositions.

Personal EEG Research

Wanting to learn more about the detection of weak signals generated by the body, I purchased a Cyton EEG headset and reader and performed a little bit of personal EEG research with it, which I published on this website. It was interesting to see some of the brain signals that I generated while performing various tasks!

How The Nervous System and Brain Function

Realizing how limited the above research approach was, I started to investigate other ways of detecting and measuring biological signals by remote means, and very quickly discovered that I needed to have a better understanding of how the body, nervous system, and brain function – so I introduced sections for this on this website, so I wouldn’t forget what I had learned.

Directed Energy Weapons

In my investigation I became aware of a grouping of technologies called “Directed Energy Weapons” and started to learn about some of the advanced physics behind them. It took a bit before I believed that this technology really exists – but IT DOES – and we can do such things as: control the weather, weapons that heat the skin of people to an intensity that is unbearable, weapons that force people to endure sounds and voices that only they can hear, and that’s just a few! You can imagine my interest when I discovered that US Diplomats in Cuba and China had been attacked by EMF weapons by an undisclosed party! It seems that different sections of the US Government tried to conceal the truth behind the attacks, but through investigative reporting we have learned of a new level of weapon that exists and can do a lot of damage to people. Of course, I have a section dedicated to this on this website.

Targeted Individuals

Through all this, I stumbled across a group of individuals calling themselves “Targeted Individuals“, having world-wide coverage, that have openly stated they are being harassed by governments, organized crime groups, or another more hidden group of powerful individuals that are using a single (or multiple) Directed Energy Weapons. In my research I noted that most of the symptoms presented by these Targeted Individuals are common with those presented by the US Diplomats – but they were complaining of these symptoms years prior to the attacks on the Diplomats! Naturally, another section on my website.

Health Concerns Of Cellular and Wireless Technologies

I also discovered that the health concerns regarding cellular and wireless technologies are being under-reported. It seems that the electromagnetic signals (RF signals) used by cellular and wireless technologies may not be quite as “friendly” to both us and the environment as has been promoted. I encourage you to read this section!

Is Organized Crime A Canadian And US Tier-1 National Threat?

On yet another front, years ago my family had a company that drew the attention of organized crime, so I’ve had my fair share of interactions with various crime groups. As I’ve grown to rather dislike them, I’ve decided to pay them some attention, and have reviewed the threats Organized Crime poses on governments, businesses, and the general public.  Through various contacts, I’ve communicated some ideas that I hoped would work towards thwarting their efforts – particularly in their detection (operations, revenue generation, and communications). I have become aware of some of the tactics and techniques organized crime uses to grow their infrastructure and economic foot prints. This warranted a section on my website.

Blocking NSFW Content And Detecting NSFW Content In

Per the above, to help combat their activities geared towards preying on children and young adults, I developed a page on this website dedicated to helping people protect their children from viewing adult content online. I also envisioned a system that could be used as a plug-in for ISP’s that would enable the ISP to offer plan where routers and filters would completely block NSFW sites and content – at the ISP level – restricting any device using the connection from seeing this content. The customer would not need to make any adjustments on their end. I contacted various companies, ISP’s, child advocacy groups, and ISP regulation bodies and provided them with my ideas, and got them in touch with one another.

As well, in reviewing some of the efforts made by others to stop human trafficking, a system called MEMEX caught my attention. So I created an application with intention for it to be ported so it could be run on cheap Raspberry PI’s, that can detects NSFW content in movies and pictures. I’ve also developed an application that removes NSFW content from movies. Check them out!


Everyone has been affected by this. I started to review the information when the vaccine definition was changed, and I started to suspect the accuracy of the information being presented by the media. So, I created a section for this on this website.

Posts On Media Sites

Some of my posts have drawn interest on LinkedIn, so I decided to duplicate them on this website. I hope you find this information interesting!

Knowledge Base

As I quickly became overwhelmed with the amount of information available, on all these subjects, I made an information repository holding some key information that I found. Feel free to look around, there is some neat information in there!