Russia has tampered with the elections of many governments – including the 2016 US election [Source: Wikipaedia, Bloomberg, Wired].  Prior to this past US Election, Internet voting was deemed “too hackable” to trust [Sources: USA Today, The New Yorker], and Russia had hacked voting software [Source: VOX, NY Mag, France 24, Wired, Gobal News, The Guardian].

Prior to the election I read that Obama had called Russian President Putin and advised him that there would be an armed conflict if Russia meddled with the US election [Source CNN, NBC News, Washington Post].  As per the Tallinn Manual on the “International Law Applicable to Cyber Warfare” created by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence, the tampering of the election should be treated as an act of war that should be retaliated against [Source: NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense of Excellence].

It is known that Organized Crime is penetrating our economy deeply, that Organized Crime groups often lend support to one another, and will work together and with Governments to a common advantage [Source:].  Prior to the election, Trump’s agenda was to reduce military power available to NATO and reduce US Military presence globally [Sources: CNN, Euractiv, Politico]. Did Russia and Organized Crime use the US Election to help Trump gain power to further their cause?

This poses very important questions that I would love to hear intelligent answers to, such as;

  • Why was voting reform not introduced prior to the election?
  • Who directly benefited from this inaction? Who helped? And why is nothing being done?
  • Why have there been no repercussions for this nation shaping action?
  • What will be the future repercussions to be suffered by the United States and other Allied Nation States due to this inaction?

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