As we are all aware, Canada is part of the “Five Eyes” intelligence community and thus has access to all of the monitored communications. As I understand, this collective information is being used to monitor communications that could be related to #terrorist activity, and uses #ai to assist (and also bypass #privacy concerns). Unless I am mistaken, I had read an article stating that this information was used to detect the communications prior to an attack and was used to help identify those responsible.

Therefore I wonder why, with Organized Crime’s penetration into the Canadian and US economies having become such a serious #threat to our economies and their grip on our political system, why this same approach is not being used to help #detect their activities (drugs, money laundering, human trafficking, etc.).

I am aware that criminals use the same language evasion techniques as terrorists, so an adaptive system would need to be employed. I wonder as to if it would be easier to detect organized crime’s communications, as there is less terrorist communication activity per event (less events) compared to that of organized crime’s activity.


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