Biological Signal Extraction / Induction

I am working to bring awareness to the need for us to understand the signals generated by the human body.  Even though we have known since the early 1800’s that the human body generates electrical signals that can be read by devices external to the body, we do not seem very focused on creating devices to read them.

The benefits to this research would be tremendous for the rescue, policing, medical, commercial, and military arenas – with an ability to generate solutions like: neuroprosthetics, exoskeletons, silent talk / secure speech, sleep/hibernation systems, pain reduction systems, threat detection systems, espionage, interrogation devices, lie detectors, dictation devices, video games / simulations, duress sensing security devices, infant monitoring systems, etc..

Organized Crime and Terrorists

I am also working to bring awareness to the threat that Organized Crime has on the world.  While this sounds silly, in fact, Organized Crime has become a threat to the National Security of many countries (or is high on the list).  This includes Canada, the United States, and many European countries.

I believe that if you combined the threat that these groups pose and compared it to other groups globally you would find Organized Crime to be the leading threat.


If you are also researching technologies or solutions I would be very interested in communicating with you.  Feel free to contact me.