This is a lot of information already available on the Internet about Directed Energy Weapons, so I will only cover those things that I believe to be necessary for you to understand how these weapons can affect the body and imagine how they could be used to remotely extract biological signals. I have highlighted text synchronous with my desire to remotely extract biological signals.

In order to fathom just how it is possible for some of these Directed Energy Weapons to work, I’ll catch you up a bit on how commercially available the technology has become, and to our current capabilities. For instance, Doppler radar can be used to recognize human voices by capturing the micro-Doppler signatures of vibrations from the larynx and mouth which can be used to classify and recognize different words and letters, identify the person speaking, all while behind a wall. Pretty impressive! But of course this is really nothing compared to the technologies and capabilities of Directed Energy Weapons.

As I present in other pages, biological beings are susceptible to such things as: electromagnetic frequencies, electricity, magnetism, and light. Science has reached a point where it is possible to manipulate biological beings using these means.

Common sense says that you can’t spend this much money and have no results. From this alone, one should be able to conclude that the science has merit.

Here is the first video I watched on this topic – a CNN Documentary (here is a higher quality version) that aired on TV back in 1985, which introduces you to the concept of Directed Energy Weapons. For archival purposes, this four part series was condensed into one video. I have identified those items I deemed important or interesting from each segment below:

  • First Segment
    • the technologies that could cripple the electronics in a plane could also be used to cripple the minds of enemy troops
  • Second Segment
    • using electronic hardware available to the general public and schematics taken from the Soviet Union, a device was built than can make a person see shapes in their mind – bypassing the eyes
      • it used an antenna to broadcast the signal into the person’s visual cortex (no electrodes)
      • the signal used was only 1/1000th the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field
      • it was noted that the device could be easily modified to affect an entire town
      • this technology could be used to ‘program’ someone if combined with subliminal messaging
  • Third Segment
    • it is suggested that a Russian antenna array, “Woodpecker” is of the size and power requirements to generate signals having a tranquilizing effect on people across an ocean
    • Dr. Larissa Vilenskaya, a Soviet electromagnetic researcher who immigrated into the United States, is introduced, stating her surprise at how far behind America is in parapsychology research (the science behind telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, near-death experiences, synchronicity, and other paranormal claims)
    • she furthers that Russia has demonstrated experimentally that low energy can affect biological efficiency and that the military expressed a great interest in the remote influencing of human behaviors
  • Fourth Segment
    • a system created by Nikola Tesla could be used to transmit electromagnetic power through the Earth and atmosphere – which could be used as the basis of an RF weapon

Here is a newer documentary, presented by the History Channel in 2009 called, “That’s Impossible: Death Rays and Energy Weapons“, that provides insight into some of the more currently available technologies:

  • the Active Denial System – which is used to heat skin to extreme discomfort – video here
  • the Zapper – which is used to neutralize ground vehicles
  • EMP weapons – which are used to disable electronic devices en masse
  • it also covers plasma force fields and other laser based weapons

What Are Some Uses of Directed Energy Weapons?

In Politics

I think the first publicly available recorded use of these weapons / tools was with the Russians back in the 1970’s on an American Embassy, when the embassy was subjected to a microwave weapon ‘attack’ [Sources: Boston College International and Comparative Law Review, CIA Archives, US National Library of Medicine, LA Times, Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training, Foreign Policy]. Even though many diplomats fell ill and ended up with long-term health conditions, the US Government silently conducted their own classified research on the effects from the ‘attack’, and possible uses of the technology. There are a couple of hypothesis on how this attack was used – was it just to harass the American Diplomats, or was the signal that was broadcast ‘received’ on the opposite side, possibly containing the collective biological signals generated by those in the building (as a modulated signal)? The government was aware, remained silent, and offered no help to those affected.

More recently there were two more incidences, one in China and another in Cuba, where the families of at least twenty-one American and Canadian diplomats were ‘attacked’ (including children that were too young to understand what happened to them). In an article published by the Associated Press we are advised that some suffered brain damage from the attack. It is interesting to note that at least some of the incidents were confined to specific rooms or parts of rooms (with pinpoint specificity). The Associated Press advised they have obtained a sound sample of what the diplomats heard. Investigators from various countries were unable to find any devices in the rooms. It appears possible that the weapons were used within Cuban government-owned properties – and it is suspected that at least two different types of weapons were used [Sources: The New York Times, The Globe And Mail, AP News, AP News, National Defense Magazine, DR DK News, {translated}, Business Insider, South China Morning Post, South China Morning Post, The Guardian, Newsweek, CNN, Daily Caller, Fox 13, Foreign Policy, New York Daily News, CNN Politics, BBC News, IntelNews, CNN Politics, Slate News, The Guardian, The Guardian, Miami Herald, CBS News – 60 Minutes, Global News, IFL Science, The Washington Post].

Of course the US Government denied any use of sonic or EMF weapons having been used, and pushed forward some pretty stupidly funny explanations as to what could have caused the diplomat’s symptoms. I’d like to suggest that someone put these on a website as some sort of sick joke, but….

  • The sounds that crickets made at night caused their symptoms! This was, by far, the more bizarre theory presented.
  • Another was that the diplomats were subjected to an airborne toxin. Of course no mention as to why others in the building and surrounding neighborhoods were unaffected. This one is #2 on my “your kidding, right?” list.
  • The third was that they had all suffered from a mass delusion. This one was really boring – I almost didn’t record it here.

Per the above, perhaps tired of their investigative reporting being questioned, a CBS News show called “60 Minutes”, produced a six minute video reinforcing the intelligence they collected, and reminded people that some of the children that were targeted were far too young to verbalize yet suffered the same symptoms.

While the US Government continued to deny Directed Energy Weapons as having been used, some of the investigating doctors disagreed. I encourage you to review their video statements here. Here is another independent doctor’s review.

Further, supporting the arguement that it possible for a sonic weapon to have been used, four scientists have agreed it possible for a government to construct a directed energy weapon tailored to target a single person walking through an area while leaving others unaffected. These four highly regarded scientists, including the first doctor to examine the diplomats in Cuba, took part of a US Pentagon sponsored teleconference where the increasingly popular theory suggests the diplomats were victims of Directed Energy Weapons.

Here is an interview of a mother of one of the US Diplomats who was attacked (longer version here). The devices has been described as causing a brain network disorder. There is mention in the longer video segment that the FBI now believes that it was an EMF weapon that was used, not a sonic weapon. Of course, since the attacks, Cuban government officials have spoken out, stating that they were not behind the attacks, and have no idea as to whom perpetrated them.

An independent study has been released detailing that the attack impacted over 20 brain regions, concluding that these 20 brain regions have “abnormally low” volumes of function and included areas that involve emotion, motor skills, and memory function. The study concluded that at least three regions had higher activity than usual out of the 170 regions studied – and that the lower levels of brain activity could indicate brain damage and the higher activity in other areas could indicate that other parts of the brain have compensated.

IEEE Spectrum also partook in a study, reverse engineering the sounds heard by the diplomats (here is what the sound sounded like, and here is an AP News article about how the sound could have been constructed) – and show how you can modulate signals together that are created from different sources! It was noted that this same topography could be used as a spy tool, enabling them to eavesdrop on a conversation in another room.

The IEEE Spectrum team clarified that as the human ear processes sound in a nonlinear fashion it can be “tricked” into hearing tones that are not actually being produced by anything – the tones are actually being created in the inner ear. It was interesting to note that different sounds will be created in different mediums – like for instance in their example a 4KHz EMF signal was created in the smartphone’s speaker – and nowhere else.

The New York Times investigated how the incidents at Cuba and China have been handled by the US government, and it seems that American officials in China, Cuba and Russia have stated that U.S. agencies are concealing the true extent of these episodes. A New York Times investigation found that the US State Department, produced inconsistent assessments of patients and events, ignored outside medical diagnoses, and withheld basic information from Congress. I found it odd that the US State Department did not treat the incidences between China and Cuba equally, as softer actions were taken with China (no investigation was performed).

All of this media attention has caused others to come forward! Like the December 2017 attack of a US CIA Officer that was running clandestine operations in Russia and Europe, that experienced severe vertigo in his hotel room in Moscow and later developed debilitating migraine headaches that forced him to retire (another link here) (another here) (video here). It has been found that there is a possibility for up to 60 people to have been harassed in the same way – prior unreported. Here is another report of other government officials coming forward, suggesting they have also been attacked. Here is a PBS News segment video that covers this – with the individual interviewed advising that this type of activity will continue and that attacks like the are world-wide.

Here is a good website that has a lot of links to articles on these attacks.

With all this, I am reminded of other older news articles reporting of others claiming to have been prior harassed by electronic weapons. Like back in 2009 a reporter bunkering with Manuel Zelaya inside a Brazilian embassy described that Manuel Zelaya was being “electron bombardment with microwaves” which were producing “headache and organic destabilization”. Another article here.

Frankly, it is hard to not believe that these types of weapons exist as the concept for this type of attack has been around for decades, and there is a lot of supporting science available to us – and we know that the general public and scientists are well behind classified technologies. Here is a Forbes article, supporting my line of thought, and offering some insight into some of the technologies that have been developed that support the development of these types of weapons. And here is another Forbes article stating:

When U.S. diplomats began mysteriously falling ill in Havana in 2016, scientists were perplexed by the cause. Until they realized that the cause was probably a microwave weapon that bathed the target in deadly radiation. Now the U.S. military wants a sensor that will alert soldiers when they are being attacked by microwave weapons. Because soldiers may not even realize they are under attack by a beam that is invisible to the eye, but painfully apparent to the brain.

More currently it seems that the US Military has finally admitted that these weapons exist, and are being used to target people per political agenda’s.

Therefore, I offer the obvious expansion that if these weapons exist and countries abroad are using them, then what other organizations have them – like organized crime? How advanced have these weapons become? How big of an area can be covered? What level of accuracy has been attained?

With this, I am reminded of an old news article regarding Aaron Alexis, an US Navy Reservist, who killed 12 people in a Washington Navy Yard with a shotgun. Interesting to note that on his weapon, he carved the phrases “Better off this way” and “My ELF weapon”. Described as battling mental health issues, he told police in Rhode Island in August that he was hearing voices of three people who had been sent to follow him and that keep him awake, and that were using “some sort of microwave machine” to send vibrations into his body, preventing him from falling asleep. Maybe he wasn’t battling mental health issues?

Since the attacks on the diplomats, there have been petitions from citizens world-wide publicly stating that this type of technology is being used to harass every day citizens. Here is one petition that references the attack on the diplomats in Cuba, and having a lot of good interviews and factual information presented in the video on the landing page. More information can be found on my Targeted Individuals page.

In War / Weapons

It has been reported that sonic weapons were used in Iraq during the war [Sources: History, Strategy Page, Wired]. The Italian TV show, L’inchiesta (“The investigation”), interviewed a person describing the use of ‘weapons’ that were mounted on an unusual-looking tank, which emitted “concentrated lightning bolts”. It is thought these may have been Tactical High Energy Lasers.

“during the Iraq war, electromagnetic weapons, including high power microwaves, were used by the U.S. military to disrupt and destroy Iraqi electronic systems and may have been used for crowd control. Types and magnitudes of exposure to electromagnetic fields are unknown.”


The video is broken into three segments (Video 1Video 2Video 3). Warning – not for the faint of heart!

Here are a few more articles found:

Neuroweapons – A New Type Of Weapon!

Following their investigation into the diplomats in Cuba, a company called “Sofwerx” held seminars to educate government agencies and the general public on how electronics could be used as Neuroweapons:

On 21 August SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM/J5 Donovan Group, hosted a Radical Speaker Series covering neuroweapons after several recent individuals at embassies in Cuba and China have incurred apparent brain injury following some form of ambient environmental insult or attack. The type and extent of pathological damage is significant and suggestive of repetitive exposure to either bio and neurotoxic substances and/or ultra-high frequency sonic or electromagnetic pulse stimuli. This could represent an emerging new threat vector for global conflict.


Many people have interviewed Dr. James Giordano on the feasibility and dangers in the creation of neurological weapons. He is very articulate, and able to clearly advise per the dangers, and current capabilities of such devices. Here is a great interview here (part 1) and (part 2).

Future Weapons

Interest has been expressed in the development of weapons that can affect a person in various and specific ways. While most research sounds plausible, like this article stating that the US evaluated technology that would allow soldiers to have telepathic capabilities, or this one where the US Army investigated a telepathic gun; other research seems more far-fetched like this article that suggests Russia had an interest in developing a weapon that would essentially force a person into a ‘zombie’ state. Now, would you become a Zombie? No, of course not – but it would essentially attack the central nervous system and render the person unable to function. How about a device that can induce an Amnesia like state?

There have been plenty of experiments that have investigated how the brain can be manipulated using magnets, like this example where it was found that a person’s morality could be adjusted (published article here). As magnetics and electricity are interchangeable (hence electromagnetism), then you could therefore construct a properly constructed electromagnetic signal, tuned to be received by the body, and affect a person’s morality! Check out some of the many other examples found in my knowledgebase!

I often wonder who else, beyond governments and militaries, could be researching these technologies – or who might already own them? On some of my other pages I draw attention to that Organized Crime has Trillions of dollars at its disposal and a very large, hidden population that it could test on. They also lack the ethics to impede research that could harm the participants / test subjects. So this makes me wonder why they would NOT be pursuing their own research? If they were, I would gamble that they would research something to do with silent speech, eavesdropping, and the modification of emotions.


Amazingly people are unaware that we can control the weather. In fact, fifty-six countries have invested in weather controlling / modifying programs!

These technologies have been around for years, as can be read towards the bottom of a transcript of a US Department of Defense news briefing by Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen on April of 1997, where he stated that “Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves”.

As the world moves towards this technology being more commercially available, it makes you wonder – the world is covered by one weather system, which if adjusted in one location will have an effect at other locations further downstream of the weather system – what stops this as being used as a weapon? Therefore the country having the largest land-mass and therefore the most ability to affect the weather at these originating points, would have the most significant ability to control the weather world-wide. Or the country with the most amount of allies willing to support them. This implies that this ability is militaristic, and weaponizable.. I guess this answers why the US ‘allows’ hurricanes to form and land on its soil yearly – we all know that year after year, devastating weather affects large land masses, causing billions in damage.

Of course, any device capable of sending a signal to or manipulating the ionsphere is also capable of affect people with those signals. This is because the ionosphere reflects signals back to the Earth, and can be used like a mirror, telescope, or magnifying glass. This is why people talk about HAARP, and often associate it with “Mind Control” – more on this at bottom.

Commercial Products

There are numerous applications for these concepts in the commercial industry! For instance, the work of Igor Smirnov, a controversial Russian scientist whose incredible tales of mind control attracted frequent press attention before his death, is actually being used at the Psychotechnology Research Institute (marketed in the US as SSRM Tek) – and this company is contracted with the US Department of Homeland Security on a technology to screen airline passengers from Terrorists! Another example, here is a website listing some practical house-hold products.

HAARP Controversy

HAARP is controversial because it is often mentioned when people talk about “Mind Control”. But published documents and reports seem to point research in other directions. For instance, back in 2014 the Air Force advised during a Defense Hearing that HAARP has been successfully used to control the ionosphere (therefore the weather). Here are some of HAARP’s official proposed uses:

  • incinerate meteorites or incoming missiles
  • temporarily disable satellites
  • disable communication systems
  • over the horizon radar
  • Earth penetrating radar
  • submarine communications
  • a shield for electronically sensitive equipment

Here are two video’s, where Dr. Nick Gegich talks about HAARP (Video 1 and Video 2). He makes the science easy to follow and understand.

In the next section, “MKULTRA and Brain Entraining” we’ll learn about the secret programs Governments have run to discover how to manipulate people using various methods, such as electrical stimulation, pulse frequencies, magnetics, drugs, physical means, and manipulation.