Organized stalking, also known as “Gang Stalking” is sometimes associated with people who suffer from some form of paranoia.  Often, those who have not experienced it do not accept this concept.  It is nothing more than adult bullying – just like kids do in grade or high school.  It is the idea that a group of people decide to make your life hell and group together to do so – using any form of technology available to them.  And when the many group together against the one, it becomes difficult to prove!


With more and more news coming forward about Gang Stalking, it is becoming difficult to ignore and dismiss this topic. Here are some news articles and documentaries on this subject:

Even the government has admitted to using this tactic on suspected terrorists or organized crime, as it is regarded as a good way to delay or impede someone’s abilities that you do not have enough evidence on for formal charges.  In an article by “The Intercept”, the United States FBI used this tactic to “disrupt” a suspected terrorists activities hoping that this would eliminate the threat [Source: The Intercept].  Canada’s CSIS has also admitted to using this tactic for much the same purpose [Source: Globe and Mail].  And in a WikiLeaks posting, CSIS admitted to “vigorously harassing” members of Hezbollah [Source: Wiki Leaks].

Some individuals have connected this concept to organized crime – which is quite logical, as it would simply be an extension to already existing practices.  There are a lot of websites discussing this on the Internet, and while I may not agree with all of the content I found, I do agree with the following:

  • organized stalking refers to the intense, unconstitutional surveillance and harassment of a person who has been designated as a target by someone or a group of people
  • victims have described the process as “no touch torture” – a phrase which also captures the nature of the crime: cowardly, unethical, illegal, but difficult to prove legally as it generates minimal forensic evidence
  • tactics could include:
    • slander / character assassination
    • blacklisting
    • “mobbing” (intense, organized harassment)
    • “black bag jobs” (residential break-ins)
    • abusive phone calls
    • computer hacking
    • threats
    • blackmail
    • vandalism
    • “street theater” (staged physical and verbal interactions with people who agreed to gang stalk)
    • harassment by noises
    • and any other forms of bullying you can think of

Individuals involved in these activities are using mobile apps and digital surveillance software. In this news segment, CBS News legal analyst Rikki Klieman outlines how spyware is being used to break the law. The software can remotely monitor emails, texts, and calls, track location, and turn on device cameras and microphones. They can be hacked through the Internet, installed via an attached file, or physically installed.

In the office?

While negative office politics should not be considered “Gang Stalking”, it is certainly representative of a poor office environment.  Negative office politics approaches Gang Stalking when it is taken to an extreme and is centered around one person. For example, if co-workers banded together to discredit, harass, and isolate one person, while bullying them in some way. Some common ‘attacks’ include:

  • attacking the person’s expertise, questioning qualifications and experience in public
  • criticizing their appearance
  • commenting about their inability to make a good argument – pointing out their junior status
  • interpreting minor errors as major errors
  • working to minimize or discredit their work efforts

Here is a good website covering some of the basics of how to handle negative office politics.

And for further reading I suggest the book, “Mobbing – Emotional Abuse In The American Workplace“.

A company will do this for you!

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