I have highlighted text synchronous with my desire to remotely extract biological signals.

Ethics – a good place to start but often left until the end

One of the main questions I am always asked is centered around how a technology that could remotely read biological signals could be used, and what would stop it from being used in a harmful way. The scientific community is starting to discuss the need to introduce ethics in brain / body studies (neuroscience). Extracting biological signals by remote means could be dangerous, should the technology be used with harmful or illegal intent. While I want it to be used in hospitals, ambulance services, etc., once available it could be used for many other things, like silent speech, eavesdropping, etc.. This forces us to ask a question that we wish we did not need to: Would one person really hurt another? And unfortunately the answer is Yes! There are many examples of this (both in research and real life):

  • In the Milgram experiment, a Yale University psychologist measured the willingness of study participants to obey an authority figure instructing them to administer electric shocks to a “learner”. Most participants were willing to take the lives of the learners on command.
  • Recall, or become aware of, the many Nazi experiments from World War II where they performed unethical studies on prisoners [Sources: NCBI, Wikipedia].
  • The US military performed one of the largest biological and chemical testing on civilians in San Francisco.
  • Here is a partial list of some prior classified experiments the US Government performed on unwilling subjects.
  • And here is a link to some interesting information relating to the results of all the nuclear testing performed during the cold war.
  • Here is a link where we learn that the company known today as Bayer bought concentration camp victims during WWII and experimented on them.
  • In more recent studies scientists tested how much oxygen premature babies needed for proper functioning [Sources: NY Times, NCBI].
  • And a doctor, who advised that he was working for the CIA, that “treated” an autistic man – but in reality tried to erase part of his patients brain and turn him into a trained killer.
  • And more recently, a movie, “Medicating Normal“, which is the untold story of what can happen when profit-driven medicine intersects with human beings in distress.

Some of the articles in the above list diminished my confidence in Doctors, who are always portrayed as ‘swearing on the Hippocratic oath’ to help people and maintain ethics. So to help restore confidence in the doctorate / scientific communities I’ll point out that some individuals are fighting this and raising attention to some of the experiments that have been performed. For instance, Dr. Peter Breggin, MD, has been an expert witness in legal cases relating to violent acts by those taking prescribed drugs, and has fought against and helped to shut down a Harvard Medical Center’s experiment where they were actually implanting devices into people’s brains. He is also raising awareness about the experimentation on premature babies, veterans and minorities. Here is a great video, where he is interviewed about the above [Other sources: Dr. Breggin’s Website – listing of legal cases, NCBI, Science News, New Scientist, CBC News]. There are also those family members unwilling to stop searching for answers – like in this case where a man who believes his father did not commit suicide as indicated by the US CIA is planning to sue the government – this is a 60 year old case!

There are those who will always use technologies in harmful ways against others. We all know this fear does not stop research and development from occurring. In fact, I argue that by discovering it we are protecting ourselves – as then the public would be aware of the possibility and solutions could be developed to counter the technology. I believe exposure of the public to danger is increased by not researching this topic, as I wonder what could happen if someone lacking ethics figured out how to extract biological signals by remote means before anyone else could?


MKULTRA is perhaps the most known, but it is not the only program of its type run by the government. Here is a list of some true experiments and operations run by the US Government. Most people have not heard about the MKULTRA program – as the government tried to bury evidence of it’s existence years ago. If it not for a couple of mistakes made, there would be no evidence of this project having ever been run! In an August 1977 Senate hearing, it was noted that, the US Central Intelligence Agency had secretly supported research on control of human behavior at 80 institutions, including 44 colleges or universities, hospitals, prisons and pharmaceutical companies, using various code names such as: “Bluebird”, “Artichoke”, “MKULTRA”, and “MKDELTA”. Across these programs, significant illegal research was performed on mostly unwilling people, sometimes with the experiment ending with death, and with their interest in mind control broadening until there remained virtually no avenue of human behavior control that had not been explored – interrogation techniques to knockout drugs, LSD to germ warfare, the use of polygraphs to handwriting analysis, mind control to sexual exploitation / experimentation.

MKULTRA” was established back in 1953, carried the support and involvement of US allies, and lacked ethics and regard to life with many experiments being performed on unwilling civilians, soldiers, and even children [Sources: The New York Times, Truth Stream Media]. The US CIA destroyed 70,000 documents during the Frank Church Congressional Hearings, but some survived. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, here is a list (149 entries) of the MKULTRA sub-projects that were run.

It all started years ago when the US Central Intelligence Agency was looking for a way to erase the memories of retiring agents! This 1980 video segment outlines the logical progression of the mind control program since it was first envisioned (another link here). Wondering why participating doctors, agencies, and government agents were not being held accountable for their actions in this, I read this article and was dismayed to learn they were exempt from the law! I always find it interesting that you and I are not above the law, but the government always seems to be…. My introduction to this topic follows below:

  • a 1979 ABC News “Close-Up”, Mission: Mind Control documentary.
  • This second video, produced in 1980 by “The Fifth Estate”, detailing the role that Canadian Institution, McGill University, played between 1957 and 1961.
  • Three CBS video segments from 2000 with Ross Blackstone investigating individuals claiming that their minds are being read, examines links to technologies and agencies researching the possibility. Video 1, Video 2, and Video 3. It is interesting to note that:

Now that the basics have been brought to your attention, let’s bring you to more modern times. I encourage you to watch these History Channel documentaries airing in 2009 called, “That’s Impossible – Mind Control” (Video Segments 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). I found these video segments to be very informative and cover a wide range of topics, such as:

  • a device that can read thoughts
  • the ability to control robotic arms with your brain
  • replicating speech using a sensor that reads electrical signals present in vocal cords
  • technologies that can be used to read minds without invasive surgery
  • brain washing, and how to deconstruct a person’s personality
  • governments allowed thousands of citizens to be subjected to illegal and immoral experiments
  • microwave hearing devices that can project subliminal messages into the brain directly – bypassing the ears
  • there is speculation that a super-secret research facility, known as HAARP, capable of generating powerful signals of frequencies common with the brain is being used to modify human behavior

In this article , published by the NY Times and covering the research that both Russia and the USA performed on Mind Control programs, I draw attention to a picture showing the translation of the human body into an electrical circuit! Here is another article published by Medium. So I am sure you can see why this caught my attention – and the attention of others!!

Subliminal Messaging

Regarding the use of subliminal messages , it is well documented and has been scientifically proved that it can be used to modify human behavior. Here is a good documentary that defines what subliminal messaging is, and how it has been portrayed, and has been and could be used. If you watch the video, you’ll notice a segment on how the military incorporated this into their doctrine, introducing a division called, “Psyops“. Here is another video reviewing how it works. And another article on USA Today that suggests how to use it to your advantage.

What Is Brain Entraining?

Brain entrainment is described as being any procedure causing brainwaves to synchronize with a periodic stimulus (sound, vibration, or light) that corresponds with an intended brain state – such as sleep, relaxation, deep thought, meditation, etc.. Binaural Beats is an audible approach to brain entrainment. This is where sounds are manipulated in such a way as to ‘manufacture’ specific frequencies that you do not hear – but react to!

Software developers are starting to take Neuroscience courses and make software programs that are aligned with these concept. For example:

  • cell phones and tablets monitor when people interact with them and what triggered their interest
  • software that determines how someone can be kept ‘engaged’ with a device – like casino’s that analyze the types of sounds and lighting that attracts people to their games
  • software that determines when and what should be communicated to you – like an experiment Instagram ran that monitored the responses when “likes” were held back and sent to the recipient in bursts of varying intensities rather than when the “like” was selected [Source: CBS News 60 Minutes]
  • ‘Therapy’ that is centered around the use of Binaural Beats in music / sounds. An example of a company having a large playlist of music. Hundreds of examples on YouTube!
  • Another sound therapy solution, in this case a song that neuroscience claims if you listen to, you could reduce your anxiety by up to 65 percent.

And dreamers create patents in the hope of being able to profit off the ability to control others, or induce thought patterns in people – like this one having the intent of inducing mental, emotional and physical states of consciousness, including specific mental activity, in human beings! Or this one, describing a method of inducing and maintaining various stages of sleep in the human being.

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