For interest, I’ll open with two questions:

  • Can you use technology to detect what I am going to do before I become consciously aware of what I am going to do?
  • Can remote (no-touch) devices induce feelings in me?

Most people are unaware that the answer to both questions is “Yes”! The information presented on this page is meant to serve as an introduction to the sciences, technologies, and the concepts supporting my desire to remotely extract biological signals. This is not a re-write of an encyclopaedia – this section focuses on the basics required to achieve my goal. It is important to note that the signals I wish to extract by remote means are generated by, or transmitted via, the brain and nervous system. I have highlighted text synchronous with my desire to remotely extract biological signals in the below.


Back in 1929 Hans Berger recorded the electrical signals generated by the human brain using electrodes connected to the scalp.  He called the technology Electroencephalogram (EEG).  The signals generated by the brain are very weak, making them difficult to be detected by external devices.  Depending on requirements researchers either use surface-mounted technology (non-invasive) or implanted technology (invasive). Both have limitations and pose risk to the patient. Due to the close proximity to the brain, invasive technologies (implants) tend to read better signals than non-invasive technologies. If stronger signals need to be captured, then research is often limited to those subjects already undergoing brain surgeries, and devices are placed in close proximity to the part of the brain that is to be read.

Neuroscience is no longer just limited to the brain – the science now includes the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system (connects to the limbs and organs).  Many years of scientific study has enabled our ability to diagnose many disorders, injury, and illness, such as: seizures, brain inflammation, tumors, memory problems, stroke, and sleep disorders.  We have also developed related technologies used for such things as: the monitoring of body functions during surgery, and the controlling of electronics and prosthetics.

To get a better picture of current neuroscience studies and capabilities, I offer this non-formal interview between presenter Paula Marantz Cohen, Dean at Drexel University, and Dr. James Giordano. In the interview they discuss his role as advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon under the Obama administration, his contribution to the blockbuster film “Limitless”, and his general career. He provides a good overview as to how neuroscience fits into our current economic, political, and social environment, he discusses the future of neuroethics, developments in neurolaw, and the military’s weaponization of brain science.

Quantum Biology

As 21st-century biology probes the dynamics of ever-smaller systems (individual atoms and molecules inside living cells) the signs of quantum mechanical behavior in the building blocks of life are becoming increasingly apparent. Quoting an article published on Medium that describes how cells utilize quantum mechanics in their functioning:

“One of the great puzzles of biology is how the molecular machinery of life is so finely coordinated. Even the simplest cells are complex three dimensional biochemical factories in which a dazzling array of machines fill the shop floor. These machines pump, push, copy, and compute in a dance of extraordinarily detailed complexity. Indeed, it is hard to imagine how the ordinary processes of conduction and electron transport allow this complexity to emerge given the losses that inevitably arise, even in much simpler circuits.”

Medium: The Origin of Life And The Hidden Role of Quantum Criticality

Unfortunately most are more familiar with the older biological texts, which inadequately described processes and often left the precision of “how” processes were possible unexplained. Biological processes could never be described or understood via “classical” means. For example, enzymes speed up chemical reactions so that processes that would otherwise take thousands of years proceed in just seconds inside living cells – but we never understood how it was possible for those chemical reactions to be accelerated by such enormous factors (often more than a trillion-fold!) without the heat that would be generated destroying the cells! Recent experiments have shown that enzymes make use of a remarkable trick called quantum tunneling to accelerate biochemical reactions.

Many biological processes involve the conversion of energy into forms that are usable for chemical transformations, which are quantum mechanical in nature. Such processes involve chemical reactions, light absorption, formation of excited electronic states, transfer of excitation energy, and the transfer of electrons and photons in chemical processes, such as photosynthesis, olfaction, and cellular respiration.  As an example, electrons and photons exhibit wave-like distribution patterns that, when combined with quantum tunneling enable them to transverse cell walls.

The application of Quantum Mechanics to biology has been coined, “Quantum Biology“, which refers to the application of quantum mechanics and theoretical chemistry to biological objects and systems.

Here are some more examples of how Quantum Mechanics fits into the biological realm:

Human Bio-field (Human Electrical Field)

As was noticed decades ago, the body generates and runs on electricity – the brain is not the only organ in the body that is electrically based and can generate electromagnetic frequencies!  The human body is electrical in nature and generates electrical signals – everything from muscle movement, the nervous system, internal organs, and the brain operate and communicate using electrical signals. Even plants generate electrical signals that can be detected – is this just a simple byproduct of the electrical nature of living nature, or are they able to somehow communicate?

So then, what is the Bio-field? It could be visually represented in the above picture, which was taken using equipment sold by the Rhombus Healing Arts company. But in essence it is defined as the subtle energy fields generated by the body that penetrate or pass through living tissues.  A more detailed and lengthy description is offered in this article. Unfortunately little seems to be published on the frequencies that are generated by the human body.  Considering the importance of this on our health, there is little to no information available! Unfortunately, in North America, techniques, concepts, and any ideas offered about this legit science is often shunned as “Holistic”, carrying a negative stigma.  Meanwhile, other countries are more open to this idea and are much farther ahead of us in research. Thankfully this is slowly starting to change as recent advances have led to the development of a wide variety of therapeutic and diagnostic bio-field devices – devices for which solid, peer-reviewed evidence exists.  This is evaluated in a great article, here.

As an example, it is known that the body generates infrared radiation – and I immediately wonder if this could be used to interpret a person’s health in any way? I offer most of the information that I have on the frequencies generated by the body below:

  • Scientists constructed an antenna capable of detecting signals between 1 and 30 Hz, placed it in a Faraday Cage, recorded the signals present in the room, introduced a person to that room, read the signals again, and then compared the differences. They learned that the person emitted frequencies between 1.3 Hz and 4 Hz, and also at 21.2 Hz, and 28.7 Hz.
  • Researchers concluded that it is possible to read the human biofield can be read using surface EMG apparatus (Surface electromyography apparatus as a measurement device for biofield research)
  • Here is another study published in PUBMED, “Resonate frequencies of standing humans“, which concluded that the overall range of resonant frequencies was between 9 Hz to 16 Hz and was independent of mass, height and mass to height ratio.
  • Some biological signals can be read farther away from the body than others. This significant study concluded that the signals generated by the brain can be detected by devices located farther away from the human body then prior thought! (PDF here)
  • Chinese researchers studied the external Qi of Qigong (ie. the electrical signals [ES] released from human practitioners).  The study concluded that a type of discharged electromagnetic field (EMF) with a frequency of approximately 0.3-200 MHz was created during the procedure – and the micro-discharge pulses were positive, having a pulse width from 2-100 ns and a total charge of approximately 0.001-0.2 nC.
  • Here are two companies devoted to making products providing the ability to ‘see’ the human biofield, and this company!

On this next page in the series I will outline how the brain and nervous systems work!