I have highlighted text synchronous with my desire to remotely extract biological signals.

It’s funny – in North America often when this topic is brought up it is met with aggressive ridicule. Dismissed as nonsense. People to laugh off the possibility that there could be any any actual scientific basis for this to occur. But while people in North American watch movies such as “Men Who Stare At Goats” and laugh at the ideas presented, on the other side of the world people are far more open to these ideas and there has been active research. For instance, the Soviets have spent at least $1 Billion on research [Sources: News.com.au, Cornell University Library] – and I would find it pretty impossible to believe that this much money was allowed to be spent without their having learnt anything of value.

People are electrical in nature, can sense magnetic fields, and can be affected by magnetics and electromagnetic signals. And, we’ve all heard people describing ‘sensing’ danger, or having a ‘creepy feeling’ from time to time (usually that someone is watching them or that something has happened to a loved one). So if we are electrical in nature, and so is the environment around us, then why is this a stretch? Perhaps its a lack of education on the subject, as most things associated with ridicule are often completely mis-understood.

Researchers have shown that our brain synchronizes with other brains during regular activities, like in conversations or when threatened (other ‘like’ articles here and here). Of course, other species have this same capability – like this example where monkey’s brains synchronized in order to allow them to perform a motor task. Interbrain Cortical Sychronization (ICS) was found to occur in monkey brains, enabling monkeys watching to learn in the same way as those performing an action.

Annie Jacobsen, an investigative news reporter, has written books and made presentations regarding ESP and premonitions research. Also, Dr. Persinger, a cognitive neuroscientist and professor at Laurentian University in Ontario, Canada, conducted an experiment to determine what is happening in the brain during psychic activity. His results prompted the building of a headset that seems to improve upon these psychic abilities – the device synchronizes the brain frequencies of two people wearing headsets (you can zoom into the video segment here).

Just like Dr. Persinger, I believe that since brains can somehow synchronize in nature – then this can be simulated using technology.

Many studies have been performed regarding people’s abilities to sense others – with perhaps the most noticed being that of a study conducted on twins, “Extrasensory Electroencephalographic Induction between Identical Twins“. In this study, it was noticed that Alpha rhythms could be elicited in one of a pair of identical twins as a result of evoking the rhythms in a conventional manner, solely in the other person. Printed article here.

In the above graphic, section A, identical twins had their EEG recorded at the same time, and an eye-blink artifact in the bottom trace is visible in the top trace. In the bottom section, B, eye blinks from one of those same identical twins (in the top trace) failed to produce an artifact in the bottom trace (which was recorded from an un-related person).

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