This page continues from the prior, “Remotely Extracting Biological Signals” – please be sure to have reviewed it prior, as this page builds on that information.

There is a lot of misinformation and manipulation ‘out there’. So I do my best to ensure that all information presented is credible and only references peer reviewed articles / papers published on accredited research systems such as PubMed or Research Gate, regularly reviewed news agencies, electronic magazines, or declassified CIA documents. Let’s Start!

We Want To Remotely Extract Biological Signals – How Do We Start?


Prior to all this research my question was simple: how can we remotely extract biological signals. I’ve since refined my question to: “How would you, from afar, isolate and remotely read the biological signals from one individual in large group of people, and then stimulate that person’s brain and/or nervous system for an intended result?”. Through my research I have discovered that I am not the only one embarking on such dreams! US DARPA’s Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology (N3) program, which launched last year, is pursuing the following technologies:

  • A device that uses an acousto-optical approach to record from the brain and interfering electrical fields to write to specific neurons using ultrasound waves to guide light into and out of the brain to detect neural activity.
  • An acousto-magnetic device for writing to the brain that pairs ultrasound waves with magnetic fields to generate localized electric currents for neuromodulation.
  • A magneto-genetic approach to make neurons sensitive to magnetic fields.
  • An integrated device that uses focused ultrasound for writing to neurons.

According to US DARPA these:

“interfaces could ultimately enable diverse national security applications such as control of active cyber defense systems and swarms of unmanned aerial vehicles, or teaming with computer systems to multitask during complex missions.”

And many others have also thought about this as well! Early in, I found some patents that I thought could work in essence, but I have since noticed that they have distance limitations, or use technologies that must be worn, etc.. Here are just a few of the many hundreds that are available:

What Are The Core Requirements?

  1. Just like in real estate – location, location, location! We need to be able to either track people individually through physical or electromagnetic means – OR – we need to figure out how to extract signals from many people and isolate out just one person’s biological signals.
  2. Need the data! In order to read biological signals remotely we need to find a suitable electrical or magnetic based reference in which to couple with, that would help to amplify the biological signals generated by the body above the noise – OR – do something else like use ultra-precise filters during the extraction of the signals and use machine algorithms to reconstruct the brain signals from known patterns.
  3. “What’s the frequency Kennith?” We need to focus research on the discovery of all of the signals that the body generates during thought, and how these ‘common patterns’ can be read using electronics. Through this we would need a way to identify each person uniquely, whether it be by frequencies, signal intensity, or established brain patterns.

We must remember that the body generates biological signals in repeatable patterns that are general in design (pattern). This means that while we are all unique, we all still share the same common thought patterns, and the electrical signals generated by the brain look the same because our brains are all formed in essentially the same shape and work in the same way! So, when I think of a hammer in my mind, the electrical patterns that are created by the brain are essentially the same as the ones in your brain when you think of a hammer! Therefore thoughts can be quickly read and decoded by reading the correct electrical signals generated by the brain.

What Are We Working With?

Environmental Considerations

To build / design / theorize a solution, we need to understand the environment that the solution will reside in. Take for instance that as humans, while underground, in water, on land, or in space, and while sitting in a steel box, driving a car, flying in a plane, swimming in the water, or just sitting in the sun, we are constantly exposed to two common things – the Earth’s magnetic field and Neutrinos. So it could make sense that the solution would need to be compatible with this – or perhaps even leverage this!

As mentioned elsewhere on this website, every single physical ‘system’ on the Earth (water flowing, air currents, the touching of the ground, etc.) can be converted into an electrical diagram – with all of us existing somewhere on it and thus interacting with it in some way. Therefore it would seem that there would be two physical mediums to use: magnetism and energy. And the most theoretical – Quantum Entanglement.

Translating Nature Into Electrical Diagrams

The Earth and everything on it can be represented by an electrical circuit diagram, including people. I also recommend you to read the book “The Body Electric” by Robert Decker. The book covers how the body generates and uses electrical impulses to communicate signals between organs, etc., and how electrical signals influence the body when applied either directly or indirectly. There are many examples, but the one that left an impression on me was that in some animals, the application of an electrical signal can trigger the regrowth of amputated limbs!

Considering that the Earth’s surface, our bodies, and basically everything else is electrically based (even the air between our bodies can be viewed electrically as a capacitor) – it is therefore possible to view people and everything present on the Earth as being part of a large electrical circuit. Here are a couple of websites and articles that I found on this subject:

Of course, once translated into an equivalent electrical circuit, then you would be able to convert that electrical design into other topographies, such as magnetism, a light based system, a mechanical system, etc.. Therefore, you could mix and match topographies (i.e. part electrical / part magnetic / part photonic) to best utilize resources or reduce on the amount of ‘noise’ present within the system (as noise makes it harder to work with the desired signals). Then, just as with an electrical circuit, one could simply ‘throw a switch’, causing interactions with the objects as desired. The ability to change between one science to another has been around for decades – these suggestions above are not new ideas – for instance, here is a loose correlation between hydraulics and electrical systems. There is a direct connection between electrical signals and magnetism – here is an article that helps with this. Here is a course that helps you to understand how electricity and magnetism are interconnected.

I also remind you that we are essentially bathed in the Earth’s magnetic field, and that it naturally penetrates our bodies and most solids and liquids below, on, and high above the Earth’s surface. So if we were looking for a way to remotely interconnect biomatter with electronic devices – I’m not sure there would be a better way, other than perhaps to consider using some form of Quantum Mechanics?

Expanding These Concepts

Essentially, every single person is nothing more than a collection of signal generators that are all connected to an antenna that is constantly broadcasting. Because each person is unique in size, shape, thought, etc., then each person generates a unique electrical signal. While all brains share the same shape, and though we all generate the same ‘patterns’ when we think of the same item or concept, as each person is slightly different the electrical signals generated by your brain has unique characteristics – just like your heartbeat. This means that each person has a ‘core’ signal (a portion of the signal that would be repeating). It must also be considered that people vary in height, therefore the solution would need to work irrelevant as to the person’s height. And while situated on the Earth, each ‘antenna’ sits in a huge capacitor (air – a linear medium).

The human brain contains 5 million magnetic crystals per gram (article here). Further, each electrical current in the body generates a magnetic field which, overall, would translate into an unique magnetic representation (shape and intensity) for each person. As well, this overall magnetic field is within the homogeneous magnetic field generated by the Earth – even when in an airplane or underground! Magnetic fields can become entangled.. Perhaps a form of entanglement could be used to remotely interface with a brain?

In fact, science is changing it’s mind a bit about how the human body interacts with the Earth. It is funny how we like to believe that we are, somehow, impervious to or disconnected from any Earth influences, beyond gravity. For instance you would most likely be laughed at if you mentioned that you knew someone that could ‘dowse‘ for water. I don’t – because I’ve dowsed for water in my teens, and the well I dowsed is still producing water 20 years later. And scientists are starting to reverse their stance that dowsing does not work, as real world tests are proving otherwise. While it would seem that nobody is quite sure how it works – the common thought is that the body somehow allows the energy of the water below the surface to synchronize with the body, producing enough force to bend the wood being used. This means that tiny energy patterns can be amplified to induce a physical movement – which could therefore be applied in other methods as these methods are interchangeable.

I think to work towards finding a solution we would need to consider that the body generates electricity, magnetism, and photons, within a magnetic/photonic/electrical envelope (the Earth). And we must always remember that the science that we perform is based on our being inside this envelope. For instance, most everyone knows about gravity, but not many people seem to have even a basic understanding of why lighting occurs (exchange of electric power between the sky and the Earth) – let alone how Ball Lightning works. We need to think about how people are really just electrical generators in an open, un-shielded environment.

The energy produced by some of our body parts is in the form of photons. Thus, each photonic pattern would also be unique per person. This implies the possibility of quantum entanglement, which is the mechanism by which some scientists suggest our higher thought processes are performed. Don’t laugh too quickly – recall that it has been proven that Quantum Entanglement can happen remotely (without objects directly interacting with another) so long as there is a common medium between the objects – like light from the sun!

From a physical point of view, even vibrational energy can be directly converted into an electrical energy equivalent. Thus, the following NASA diagram helps us to understand how the human body can be converted into an electrical diagram using information gathered on test subjects when subjected to vibrational energies. Here is another research paper in support of this. Perhaps a person’s vibrational footprint is somehow unique and could be used?

Depending on the detection method used (photonic, electrical, magnetic) the signal strength may be greater or lower based on the following ‘restrictions’; a person’s mass, worn clothing, their physical location on the Earth (swimming, underground, flying in the air, etc.), etc.. Further, the detection method would need to consider that individuals are mixed in with stationary objects, other people, and may be in various orientations (standing, lying down, etc.). Thus it would be required that the transmission method be able to couple with the intended person, both for reading and writing information. It would also be logical that it employ vertical, not horizontal, sensing – or that the signal be highly localized around the person. It’s interesting to note that, to my knowledge at this time, the only approach that does not suffer from any signal degradation based on physical location is Quantum Entanglement.

So far, all of the ideas on this website have focused on directly affecting the body. But we should remember that the body can be manipulated by affecting the environment around it. Take, for instance, this article that describes how MIT researchers used a laser to vaporize water content in the air in a person’s ear, causing that person to hear sounds that nobody else nearby could hear. In another example, the researchers changed the frequencies transmitted, causing the individual to hear very clear sounds that, again, only that person could hear. Therefore, manipulating the nervous system could, perhaps, be as easy as manipulating the environment that the person finds them-self in.

Supporting Concepts

Reciprocity Theory – If You Can Read Electrical Signals, Then You Can Write Them

Reciprocity Theory states that if you can read biological signals, then they can be introduced into the body. The human body essentially works like an antenna (dipole or fractal). Therefore it makes sense that if your entire body can be used like an antenna, then so could your spinal cord, as it acts as a conduit to transmit signals throughout your body. As your nervous system works on the same principles, it would work the same way.

While the concept of controlling a body using electrical signal has been around for decades (and using implants significant progress has been made) it seems that they body can also be controlled by other physical mediums, such as light. Elsewhere on this website I brought attention to an article that stated that scientists were able to stimulate brain tissue (neurons) using light – but those neurons had been genetically altered to respond to light. Since then they have been able to eliminate the need for the neurons to be genetically modified, and also eliminated the need for the device to be implanted into the brain. The scientists were able to bypass the need to genetically alter the brain cells using a PHP virus (developed at CalTech) that, when injected in blood, enables it to cross the blood-brain barrier and deliver an opsin gene to the brain cells. Yes – you read that correctly – we are now able to induce neural activity using nothing more than light in a body and without actually touching the body. Of course, as stated, physical mediums can be translated from one to another, therefore it is quite logical to assume that this same concept could be applied to other mediums. Like perhaps by using Magnetic Particles?

Here is a paper suggesting how to derive the optimal frequency for wireless power transmission into dispersive tissue.

Reading Faint Signals

Often when I speak about extracting biological signals by remote means I am told it is impossible due to the amount of surrounding ‘noise’. So now I am quick to point out that we are able to detect ultra-weak signals both on and off our planet, amplify ultra-weak signals without the introduction of a massive amount of noise, and design filters that filter out significant noise from messy signals having weak signals in them. I cite many examples below!

Changing The Measurement Reference Point

Of course, another way of looking at this would be to change the point of reference to which these signal are being analyzed. When we speak of signal analysis, we often find ourselves thinking “in the box” and referencing Earth Zero (ground). In almost every single reference I find regarding the analysis of signals, it is always in reference to “ground” – but what if we were to change the reference point away from what we usually reference signals against (“Zero”)? What if we changed it to something closer to voltage of the the signal source? This would cause the signals to be higher in amplitude, and having less noise – thus easier to read. As I looked into this, I discovered that as you penetrate deeper into the ground the energy potential changes – thus, I wonder if you could use this energy differential to change the point of reference? Perhaps this is what Tesla was doing, back in the early 1900’s?

Signal Strengthening / Conditioning

Depending on the solution design, a signal strengthening solution may be required. This would allow a weak signal to be amplified above the noise floor, so that it could be ‘read’. For instance, here is an example of a sensor that can detect extremely faint radio waves and convert them into signals that can be transmitted via fiber optics. Here is another example – an Electron Multiplier.

Of course, depending on the solution and technologies used, it might be required to amplify and sample the signals being received in such a way as to help isolate them from the ‘noise floor’, be able to detect ‘patterns’ within them, and multiple carriers – across a wide band bandwith. Perhaps something like this technology could be used? Its a new quantum spectrum analyzer that has the potential of surpassing the fundamental limitations of traditional electronics in sensitivity, bandwidth and frequency range, able to ‘read’ signals between 0 and 20 GigaHerz. (another article here) The system is essentially an atomic RF receiver and spectrum analyzer that uses Rydberg atoms coupled to a planar microwave waveguide. The system uses an off-resonant RF heterodyne technique to achieve continuous operation for carrier frequencies ranging from 0 (dc) to 20 GHz. The system has an 4 MHz instantaneous bandwidth, and over 80 dB of linear dynamic range. Preparing the signal using a low-noise preamplifier, it was able to demonstrate high-performance spectrum analysis with peak sensitivity greater than −145dBm/Hz. In testing, with a standard rabbit-ears antenna attached, the spectrum analyzer detected weak ambient signals including FM radio, AM radio, WiFi, and bluetooth.

Signal Tuning

Signal tuning is the ability to ‘tune’ a signal onto a target (to focus the signal on a target). There are a multitude of approaches, and I will touch on just a couple of them:

  • In one, a signal is broadcast and when this happens a reflective signal is returned. By analyzing the returned signal, you are able to ‘see’ where the target is by how the target interacts with your signal. Using mathematics, you can then change the waveform being broadcast to make the signal ‘stronger’, broadcasting the new signal and again checking the returned signal. This pattern continues in such a way as that the signal being broadcasted is able to be received by the target with maximum signal strength – even though standard signal broadcast methods would normally completely fail to be received.
  • Some other approaches use a technique called “Time Reversal Signal Processing“, which has three main uses: creating an optimal carrier signal for communication, reconstructing a source event, and focusing high-energy waves to a point in space. The time reversal technique is based upon reciprocity: given a solution to a wave equation, the time reversal (using a negative time) of that solution is also a solution. While this technique can only be applied in a few mediums, it can be applied to: sound waves in water or air, ultrasonic waves in human bodies, and electromagnetic waves in free space – so long as the medium is approximately linear.
  • Or, perhaps something along the lines of a Spot Beam could be used? Spot Beams are currently used by direct broadcast satellite companies, who need to transmit different data signals using the same frequency, to targeted geographical locations.
Separating Overlapped Signals

This requirement becomes apparent when you learn that while every person on the Earth is unique in some way, essentially we all generate frequencies within the same range. Thus it would be important to find a way of separating out the signals from each other. Here is an article regarding the optical unmasking of spectrally overlapping RF signals.

Target Acquisition

While perhaps a strange way of thinking about this, if you apply my desire to remotely extract biological signals to technologies, one might think of a person as being a ‘Target’. If you do this then concepts like using Quantum Radar to detect people seem less ‘odd’ to consider when you are seeking ways of extracting biological signals. Or solutions like this where a team developed a system that could track people behind a wall using a signal that is 0.1% as strong as a Wi-Fi signal. Any system that could allow you to locate a target would still need to be coupled with other systems that would enable you to ‘couple’ with a person’s energy, or ‘read’ their energy.

Could The Quantum World Help?

It could! What is quantum entanglement? Quantum entanglement can be thought of as a phenomenon whereby systems that may be separated by large distances cannot be described independently of each other. Information between two entangled items is transferred at a speed thought to be 10,000 times the speed of light! In Quantum Physics, even humans act like waves.

Entanglement has been demonstrated for microscopic-scale systems, such as those involving photons, ions and electron spins, and more recently in microwave and electromechanical devices. Large objects can become entangled, with entanglement holding across great distances.  In this example of macroscopic entanglement, scientists were able to entangle two aluminum plates together. And, it appears that the principles of Quantum Mechanics can be applied towards the human scale. Here is another article supporting this idea.

Scientists are working on detectors that can detect minor fluctuations in a magnetic field. For example, this technology takes advantage of special quantum-level properties of a synthetic diamond and trapped particles in its material structure, enabling the super-sensitive detection of magnetic field waves. Here is another example, where researchers used a magnet that was coupled to a microwave cavity to detect excitations generated by the magnet, providing a new way to study magnets in the quantum regime.

If you are in the computer industry it is also common knowledge that magnets are used to store large amounts of data, and can be employed in transmitting and processing signals (like spintronic devices). Magnets react very weakly to electrical fields, which is why it is difficult to control magnetically based data using electrical voltage. More recently, two teams looked for a new way to enhance the response of magnetism to electrical fields. They noted that stacked magnetic layers could be used as data channels for magnetically based signals (sort of like a magnetic amplifier). The example is, that when a metal layer is inserted between two magnetic layers the current flowing in it attenuates the magnetic signal in one layer but amplifies it in the other. The team found that the precision of this mechanism can be precisely controlled by tuning the voltage. This enables the ability for precise and efficient electrical control of the magnetic signals. The technology can even be used at the nano-scale level. Interestingly enough, this newly designed structure also responds more strongly to light (which are a form of electromagnetic waves). This is important if electromagnetic waves are to be guided through magnetic layers or if these waves are to be used to control magnetic signals. They advise that their findings could help to develop energy-saving and efficient solutions for data transmission and processing. In the spintronics link above, it is described that this technology could be used to detect many biological processes, such as neural activity, heartbeats, and even when a white blood cell attacks a virus! Because magnetic fields are not changed by the structures that they move through, this solution could be applied externally to the human body. Further, because electron spin changes are near instant, this technology has a fast detection speed – especially when you consider that the human brain actually operates very slowly at the thought level that we are looking to extract.

Research is already underway to determine if entanglement is used by the brain in its core functioning (read the Caltech blog here). Expanding on this, we know that low power level influences can have a direct effect on biological systems – therefore the same influences that can be administered to the body using magnetic or electrical stimulation, can be also applied using quantum mechanics.

Below I present a few different methods by which entanglement can be created and how remote measurements can be made from those entangled particles:

It might be possible to ‘write’ data back to the target using Quantum Mechanics! Here is an article outlining a new theory on how to teleport energy long distances (another article here).

The brain is composed of atoms, and atoms follow the laws of quantum physics, supporting a controversial theory that suggests the brain acts like a quantum computer (article is condensed below). Research is moving towards the possibility that the combination of the brains structure, functions, and genetic material, and that it generates bio-photons, could enable macroscopic entanglement in the brain. Supporting this construct is an article regarding how photon entanglement can penetrate brain tissue. If we could entangle biological material, then we could use the principles of quantum mechanics to read a biological energy state. In reading about this, I was not surprised to learn that we are finding this quantum behavior in larger biological objects, such as living cells that contain the turbulent motion of trillions of randomly moving particles.

Matthew Fisher, a physicist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, raised eyebrows late last year when he published a paper in Annals of Physics proposing that the nuclear spins of phosphorus atoms could serve as rudimentary “qubits” in the brain — which would essentially enable the brain to function like a quantum computer. This means that the brain could become entangled. In proving the theory, scientists at Cornell University examined the effects of the two isotopes on the behavior of rats, with the result hinting to that quantum processes might indeed play a functional role in cognitive processing.

Supporting Biological Information
  • In this article scientists were able to measure some of the frequencies generated by the body.
  • Each organ operates at different and specific frequencies. And, signal shaping would be unique per organ, thus helping enabling the body to decipher the information generated.
  • Further, you should also be familiar with the concept that albeit everyone is unique, our brains generate ‘common patterns’ during the thought process – this means that if you think of a grape then your brain will generate the same electrical ‘common pattern’ that mine would if I did. This concept can therefore, be extended to higher level thought, meaning that overall conversational concepts could be extracted – in other words I could review your brain and ‘see’ that you were thinking about building a house, on a hill, with an attached garage, in your hometown – all by reading your higher level thoughts using the same ‘common pattern’ technique.
  • You should also have a thorough understanding as to how the brain and nervous system can be altered by magnetics, electricity, light, and sound. As well, how people can be manipulated using psychology, technology, and subliminal messaging.
  • Signals having enough amplitude, the correct frequencies, and that are properly shaped transmitted on the body can be transferred across the body (i.e. from a nerve to an organ).
  • The type of signals that would be need to be generated to affect the body would depend on how bio-matter would interact with them – thus it is important to recall that bio-matter is non-linear. As well, signal intensity would play a factor – and note that electrical devices could emulate these signals and given proper configuration and environment, broadcast these signals and override naturally occurring signals at levels lower than those capable of being generated naturally.
  • The microwave auditory effect describes the ability to artificially create ‘sounds’ in a human body by irradiating it with externally applied RF signals of specific frequency, amplitude, and modulation.
  • There is a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding the generation, reception, and manipulation of electromagnetic signals, such as Wave Interference and electromagnetic coupling with the human body (articles here and here).
  • We have already created devices to impede individuals free will and thought processes (Directed Energy Weapons). These devices can create sounds in people’s heads from vast distances, instantiate tremendous pain in a person’s body, and detect intent or deceit by reading the signals generated in the brain or using physical elements.

Piecing It All Together

Reading Low Level Signals

There are strong sources and weak sources of biologically generated signals, and it is possible to detect stronger biologically generated signals via the nervous system. Usually, the general public is very quick to dismiss this as a concept on the basis that the signal levels detected often fall into the levels associated with ‘noise’ – making it difficult to extract them. Therefore, we would need to determine how to raise low level signals in the brain above the noise floor, or we would need to be able to isolate these signals from within the noise floor. Perhaps AI could help with this, if it were provided with a large sampling of signals?

Perhaps this could be combined with the same technology that is used to detect RF signals generated by computer circuit and electrical wiring (such as a video cord) for espionage – this technology allows these faint, low-level signals to be detected remotely and through walls. Consider that this signal could also be amplified using a laser amplifier, which does not add any noise. Notch filters could be used to isolate specific frequencies, or frequency ranges, that contained the information you were seeking. Of course just as with advanced radar systems, you could use highly complex mathematics to re-shape these signals. The trouble would be that nobody would stand between two antenna forever – so you need to find a way that works while people are in motion.

Tracking Solutions

There are some really interesting technologies that are available that can detect ‘targets’, such as over-the-horizon-radar, but this would be only part of the whole picture. A problem with over-the-horizon-radar is that while this technology works well, the published information about this technology is such that it lacks the resolution to allow a coupled system to extract biological signals from that distance. Nonetheless, it is amazing that it can detect small objects moving as slow as 2.8 km/h from 120 km away!

Perhaps using Time Reversal Signal Processing, would eliminate the need to track the subject as the signal is automatically adjusted without the transmitter needing to know the location of the intended receiver. If you did use this system, however, you would need to consider that there is a loss of energy when signals are transmitted – therefore this could have limited implications on the ability to affect or read the target. I believe that for this to work you would need to have a considerable antenna array covering a large area – satellites are capable of generating the power required to penetrate the body… As well I would think that some form of ‘line of sight’ would be required for this to work, and I’m not sure that signals would penetrate grounded materials – thus it would be limited in its reach. However, reach could be extended if you were to use a new antenna system that uses multiple, separate antennae having the ability to receive signals broadcast at an angle of almost 90 degrees from the receiving surface.

Signal Interaction With The Body

While described on another of my web pages, I offer a basic introduction as to how you could ‘mix’ different frequencies together, here. Recalling that bio-matter is non-linear and will demodulate any signals it receives (working much like an FM radio signal) – you could use a signal modulated like an FM radio! We are able to modulate a signal to have an affect on different parts of the brain, organs, and the body (simply by adjusting the frequencies and signal intensities of externally applied modulated signals, and adjusting their locality).

When multiple transmitted signals interact with the bio-material new signals are created with each having a frequency being the difference between each of the signals being broadcast.  For example: if you broadcast one signal at 2,000 Hz and another at 2,100 Hz then a 100 Hz signal will be introduced into the body. Of course, the new signal would be shaped based on how the other two signals were shaped, meaning that this new signal could be shaped as needed. These transmitted signals will also interact in the same manner with any signals present in that region of the body in the same manner. Any naturally generated signal, or other artificial signal close-by, could be used as one of the signals, meaning you could do this by broadcasting just one signal and leveraging the other already existing signal.

The Biological Result Of Applying Externally Generated Signals

For instance, one could influence a person’s emotions by modulating signals and applying them to the Limbic System. Therefore, it becomes possible to induce feelings and emotions in a person while also inducing sounds into the body (bypassing the ears) – and if the sounds were in the form of subliminal messaging, then this could act as a form of intention control. Such as was found with MKULTRA and the Russian “LIDA” machine, one could also induce heat in tissue, or visual elements to introduce ‘controlled’ behaviors into a person.

As well, light can be used to stimulate brain tissue – so long as the brain tissue has been modified to act upon that stimulus – which could induce anything intended so long as the correct brain segments were properly stimulated. This article describes how this can be accomplished by using a virus to cross over the blood/brain barrier to deliver a modification to brain tissue that enables it to be stimulated by light applied externally to the body.

Signal Detection Using Bose-Einstein Condensates

Recently a connection has been made between Gravity, Magnetic, and Electromagnetic Fields [Source: Science Direct]. This made me wonder as to if we could leverage the Earth’s gravitational field. Perhaps this is the farthest reaching idea – but it’s cool that this type of equipment exists! And I wish to open your mind to that many different approaches could be used, and remind you that it is possible to combine different sciences to achieve this goal! In the above article, the equations show that the variation of the gravitational field could be measured, and the energy density of the magnetic field is close to that of the gravitational one. It also indicates that a strong magnetic field could make the variation of the energy of a gravitational field measurable. And, scientists are looking to use Bose-Einstein Condensates to “see” and measure the gravitational spectrum [Source: The Penrose Institute]. While a reach, as all of our bodies are submersed in the Earth’s gravity, perhaps this could allow for us to read biologically generated signals by reading the resulting gravitational or magnetic changes resulting from the body’s electrical activity.

And steerable Spot Beam antennas could help track people, whether located on the ground or in space. Individuals could be isolated out from each others based on the unique signal patterns generated by their body, or by extracting the information off of a unique carrier signal, such as the heart. Remember, the information generated by the body is held within the unique signal patterns generated by the body, just like in our structured data communications systems – therefore one could use something like cross correlation signal detection methods to find the signal and then review the other signals riding it [Source: Research Gate]. Perhaps the two largest difficulties lay in the signal intensities and the close proximity that is required for these signals to be detected using these types of technologies.

Using The Body Like An Antenna

Perhaps the most basic approach, yet most foundational. After reading “The Body Electric” and recalling Reciprocity Theory, my first thought was that the body should work as an transmitter / receiver antenna. Interestingly enough it seems that I was right – it does! Of course I was happy to find this concept validated in research [Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7]. Recalling that bio-matter is nonlinear, I would broadcast multiple modulated RF signals on an individual (perhaps from the front) and then receive those signals using an antenna placed behind them. The signals, once upon the body, would therefore become modulated with the signals being generated by the body. Performing signal subtraction, you would then cancel the original signal from the received signal. This signal subtraction would just leave those signals that had been generated by the body. Broadcasting multiple signals upon the body would only serve to strengthen them, making the extracted biologically generated signals ‘cleaner’.

Using Scalar Waves

Throughout my readings, this is method that is most discussed …. and the one usually directly associated with HAARP. The basic concept is that HAARP generates a signal that, when striking the atmosphere, turns it into a “lens” that can then be used to transmit / receive extremely tiny electromagnetic signals between the device and an object inside the area of the lens. You could also think of this as a way of electrically reaching out to an electrical signal and thus connecting with it – enabling the ability to read the signal present at that remote point as if you were standing there.

In a de-classified CIA document, it is stated that a device could be used to generate two scalar waves (energy and magnetic fields) which, when crossed in a distant region, produce real physical effects (produce energetic effects). This provides an ability to put objects within that region into superposition. By establishing a resonance between the distant site and the projector sites, energy could be extracted to the projectors – from the natural temperature oscillations occurring at that site. Essentially this technology acts like a ‘telescopic lens’ (but a lens that works with electromagnetic signals rather than light), in any region that it is directed to. In other words by using this technology, you extend the reach of any technologies currently limited by distance (such as broadcasting signals, or reading low-level systems), enabling them to function in the same way but from large distances away. This is probably the biggest reason why people who believe that technology to remotely read biological signals already exists believe that this is the technology being used. It seems to be generally thought that biological signals generated by the body could be read in the area being targeted by the lens of this system. Again, think of it as a telescope – but instead of working with light it is working with electromagnetic signals.

If this technology simply removes the distance between the transmitter and receiver, then I would not understand why you could not also use it to transmit a shaped, automatic target seeking signal into the designated area to affect a person. As mentioned in the Tracking Solutions section above, it is possible to direct a signal to a target even if the target’s location is not precisely known using a method that is used in radar where a signal is broadcast and the signal reflection is reviewed and used to determine the difference between the signal and its reflection. So just as with radar, anyone within the space of the ‘lens’ could be targeted with pinpoint accuracy. However, I understand that the larger the lens, the less sensitive this detection becomes….making me wonder if you could twin systems together, much like adding multiple lenses on a microscope? In this method I see the following flaw; if you only had limited coverage then as you tracked individuals moving throughout the region you would become limited in the number of people that could be targeted, as you would constantly need to move the lens, or have multiple, combined systems working in tandem.

Using Macroscopic Entanglement

What draws me to this the most is that without referencing Quantum Mechanics, if ESP phenomenon were to be measured in the way that current brain interfaces work OR if we were to try to read biological signals remotely using antennas of various types, then we would expect to see things like a decay of the strength of the biological signal over long distances or interference from other sources degrading the signal quality or confusing the signal to the point of obfuscation – unless we could bridge the noise threshold. In other words, ESP would be distance limited to just a few inches from the body – and with the number of cases reported and studies having been completed, ESP can and does occur – we just have not figured out how yet.

So moving away from standard signal theories, I thought that a solution could be to use some form of entanglement. At first when I read about quantum entanglement using a classical carrier, I concluded that this would not be possible as you would need to entangle a significant amount of biological material, and the transmitter (brain) would be in constant motion. However, then I discovered that you can entangle large objects at room temperature. And as well I learned that two distant objects can become entangled using a third system that is not entangled with either of them (ie. entanglement using photons generated by the sun). Finally, I read about how it seems that the brain uses entanglement in its core functioning (second reference here). This suddenly brought this solution back to life! After reading an article on how scientists used the sun to create two identical photons 150 million kilometers apart using quantum dots, and another describing how a quantum radar system that uses entangled photons works at a power low enough to hide behind background noise, I found myself pondering how it might be possible to ‘read’ the photons or electrical signals generated by the brain, and when you did how you could use mathematics to distinguish whose brain they were generated by based on the unique signature that each brain has.

Recall that the body generates energies having various frequencies and amplitudes, therefore any energy that the body generates that is compatible with this approach could also be entangled and monitored. For instance, here is an article describing how we are able to detect brain activity using Near-Infrared Light. A researcher, Michael Persinger, has published many articles that also seem to support this approach:

The best part of this solution, is that there would be NO NEED TO TRACK A PERSON. Once entangled they would remain entangled across large distances and noise sources would be irrelevant. [Sources: The Atlantic, Gaia, The Guardian, BBC,, Nature, The Mind Unleashed]. You would also be able to encode quantum information between two photons that never physically interact with each other – here is the article. Please ignore that this article improperly references the term ‘teleportation’ in it’s title. Once entangled it would be easy to send/receive information with the entangled individual as the connection would not be breakable, irrelevant as to the individuals location or environmental circumstance (water, space, underground, in the air, etc.).

Referencing The Earth’s Magnetic Field

We are totally immersed in the Earth’s magnetic field, so it would be very logical for us to try to leverage it.

I did find this paper published by Professor Michael A. Persinger called, “On The Possibility Of Directly Accessing Every Human Brain by Electromagnetic Induction Of Fundamental Algorithms”, which seemed to fall in line with this idea. This research article, published in 1995 in Perceptual and Motor Skills (here), covers all significant amount of the ground necessary to pull this off using two methods! I’ve condensed the article for easier reading below:

Method 1) The first method is perhaps the cheapest and would use the Earth’s magnetic field as a way of controlling every single person’s brain – albeit in the same way.  In support of this, there is experimental evidence which has shown that a change in geomagnetic activity of between 20 and 30 nano-Tesla cause individuals to experience vestibular disorders and rodents to experience limbic seizures.  It has been discussed that extremely small variations (of less than 1%) of the Earth’s magnetic field could influence susceptible people.  Field changes like this happen naturally during geomagnetic storms. While interesting, this solution would not allow us to isolate just one person out from the many – so it does not meet with my criteria.

Method 2) Target specific individuals by using a very narrow-band window of vulnerability that every brain has.  Temperatures can be associated with wavelengths (frequencies) which can be directly linked to corresponding RF signals.  In order to affect normal cognitive processes, one could use a harmonic frequency that is based on the primary temperatures that the brain operates at.  For instance, the brain operates between 35 and 39 degrees.  The wavelength associated with this is about 10 micrometers, which around the long infrared wavelength.  The difference between the two temperatures is 4 degrees.  If you take this difference and divide it by the absolute temperature for normal brain activity, you get about 1.3%.  If a sub-harmonic pattern were to be generated in a naturally occurring or man-made magnetic field which reflected this percentage, then all brains which were operative within this temperature range could be affected by the harmonic.  For example, if the sub-harmonic frequency was 11.3Hz then variations of 1.3%, which is 0.1Hz, would hypothetically be sufficient to affect the operations of all normal brains.  If this signal was modulated to contain bio-relevant information, then the effective intensities could be well within the natural range for background radiation and could be hidden as electromagnetic noise associated with power generation and use. Combined with the knowledge that every brain generates thoughts using ‘common patterns’, then it would be relatively easy to extract higher level thoughts using a system such as this, yet still be able to decipher a person’s individuality. Of course, this solution would only be so precise – meaning that anyone having signatures close to that which was generated would also be affected, and to less of an extent.

Unfortunately highly controversial, Dr. Persinger released other articles along with supporting research on a wide variety of subjects that most people are quick to dismiss. The interesting bit is other cultures are no so quick in doing so, and modern science is actually starting to help prove / support some of his research / claims. For instance, here is another article regarding how Dr. Persinger believes it possible for people to leverage the Earth’s Magnetic Field for telepathy. Don’t be too quick to dismiss this, as he has created tests and devices in support of his theory! He covers one such device, which was used to help two people’s brain frequencies become aligned with each other, and it actually enabled one person to describe what the other person was looking at even though they were isolated from each other.

Another technology that could reference the Earth’s magnetic field use the principles of high sensitivity magnetic sensing. Perhaps the most obvious of technologies that could be used would be that of an Optical Magnetic Field Sensor, which is essentially a glass container filled with caesium gas, to which a laser is shined through. It works when positioned close to an object that generates a small magnetic field, as the axes of the caesium atoms change when in close proximity – the device reads this change. Problem is that this would need to be in close proximity to the body and could not be easily used for bodies in motion. Perhaps you could use a magnetic amplifier to amplify the signals, and then read them with the world’s most sensitive atomic magnetometer (capable of detecting magnetic fields one hundred billion times smaller than the Earth’s magnetic field and that does not require shielding from the Earth’s own magnetic field)?

Another existing technology whose concept might be leveraged can be found in this paper, which outlines how ground based lasers are used to measure magnetic fields, enabling the identification of features below the earth’s surface (applications range from the detection of unexploded ordnance and buried hazardous waste containers, to oil and mineral exploration). Using a technique borrowed from astronomy, it uses ground-based lasers and sodium in the upper atmosphere to determine geomagnetic fields with high precision and at relatively low cost. This technology would need to be adapted to detect small signals.

Also helping this idea along further, I’ve learned that a team of scientists discovered a very effective method of optically controlling magnetism by using an intense and ultrashort laser pulse to excite electrons in a medium to such an extent that the excited electron-clouds push the atoms off, thereby bringing them in motion and launching a sound wave. This newly discovered phenomenon could be important for recording data on a magnetic device with the help of light. While the fact that the sound wave can effectively couple to magnetization is well known, the scientists found that optically launched sound at the frequency f is accompanied by a response of the magnetization at the frequencies f, 2f and 3f. Perhaps this technology could be adapted to enable the ability to artificially create biological signals?

Here are a few concepts that help to support this idea:

While the approach I am about to describe is invasive, I do want to point out that it is possible to use an alternating magnetic field to cause neurons to fire. In tests on mice, they were able to fully control their movements. Unfortunately this approach currently requires the implantation of specially built DNA strands and nano-particles that attach to specific neurons in the brain. It works such that when magnetic inputs are applied the particles heat up causing the neurons to fire. This, when coupled with the ability to influence the Earth’s magnetic field with precision, is an interesting approach.

Essentially, this leads me to the next idea that I had, which was…..

Use The Earth’s Magnetic Field As An MRI Machine

I read about the possibility of using the Earth’s magnetic field as an MRI machine [Sources: Research Gate, Berekeley Lab, ScienceDirect, Taylor-Francis Online]. Recently, a portable ultra-low field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system was developed by researchers from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the US. While normally MRI machines are massive, the researchers scaled them down to use ultra-low magnetic fields which have intensities comparable to that of the Earth’s magnetic field.

To detect the much weaker signals, their MRI uses a superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID), which acts as an extremely sensitive magnetometer. The SQUID’s are so sensitive they’ll respond to a truck driving by outside or a radio signal from 50 miles away. Video here.

While interesting, this technology requires that the device be mounted in close proximity to the head – thus it cannot be considered at this time. The size of these MRI machines, however, is being reduced using various technologies. One of them, “OpenWater“, is using technologies that can fit into something around the size of a cell phone. Here are some insightful video’s that lend to the capabilities of these technologies (video 1, video 2). Here is another article.

Using Resonate Frequencies

Recalling that the organs in the body resonate at specific frequencies, I thought it might be possible to affect the body using these resonate frequencies. I offer this introduction to the idea – a video of a news agency interviewing a man who claims to boil water using sound. Review this research publication advising how scientists were able to levitate particles with sound. In this video they apply different frequencies to a plate that is holding some dust – it is interesting to see what patterns are clearly formed by nature. I personally find it interesting to see how particles interact with vibrational energy, and apparently so did NASA! NASA investigated the concept that the different parts of the human body resonate at different frequencies years ago – it seems they wanted to know what impacts space travel could have on the human body! Unfortunately, they removed this article from their web resources – making it very hard to find from a legit source (other supporting articles here and here). Consider the principle that two objects having the same resonant frequency tend to exchange energy efficiently (another article here), while interacting weakly with extraneous off-resonant objects, and that the organs in the body resonate at unique frequencies (second article here).

I wonder as to if you could extract biological signals by making a sensor resonate at a frequency that is sympathetic with an organ in the body. And could you then extract other signals that have been modulated with the signal being generated by that organ? Conversely, could you induce signals into the organs of the body by targeting them with the same frequencies that they resonate at? And could you modulate the signal (making the resonate frequency a ‘carrier’ and the second signal a side-band signal) with the expectation that this second signal would be transferred to the body from the carrier?

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