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There is a lot of misinformation and manipulation ‘out there’. So I do my best to ensure that all information presented is credible and only references peer reviewed articles / papers published on accredited research systems such as PubMed or Research Gate, regularly reviewed news agencies, electronic magazines, or declassified CIA documents.


I’m going to introduce this section a little different than I have the others. While researching how we might REMOTELY extract biological signals, I found a significant amount of information regarding how we might use extracted biological signals as a way of manipulating / controlling people. Sounds like I’m already starting with a conspiracy theory, right? Well……you might be surprised to learn that the idea of manipulating biological beings using technology has been around for decades. Back in 1968 a research paper written by professor Gordon MacDonald, an associate director of the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics at the University of California in Los Angeles, was referenced in US Congress – the paper stated that it was possible to accurately time artificially generated electronic signals that would impair the brain performance of very large populations over an extended period. That was back in 1968…

Even the idea that the brain is ‘hackable’ is becoming more widely discussed – especially when you combine this research with Big Data and Cloud Computing. This concept has been discussed amongst researchers and scientists, and has even been discussed at events and seminars such as the World Economic Forum, where it was brought up during a discussion on an on-going technological arms race.


Researchers, Advocates, And “Whistle-Blowers”

I now introduce you to some individuals that caught my interest as I pursued my research. You’ll notice that they reference technologies (some are advanced secret Directed Energy Weapons) that could be used to remotely extract or induce biological signals. They are military experts / contractors, doctors, or political activists, who have spoken about technologies or concepts that they have become aware of, or are experts in.

I have a collection of their interviews and presentations below. In some, comments are made that may stretch current beliefs in our technological capabilities, so I have done my best to align their information with mainstream credible research.

Dr. James Giordano

Dr. James Giordano, is Chief of the Neuroethics Studies Program, Scholar-in-Residence, leads the Sub-Program in Military Medical Ethics, and Co-director of the O’Neill-Pellegrino Program in Brain Science and Global Health Law and Policy in the Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics; and is Professor in the Departments of Neurology and Biochemistry at Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC, USA.

The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future

This is a video presentation from 2018 at an event hosted by the Modern War Institute at West Point (a US War College) that I believe you will find very interesting and informative. Dr. James Giordano speaks to cadets and faculty about how advancements in neuroscience and neurotechnology will impact the future of war. This is a fact oriented presentation – he talks fast but covers such things as:

  • the use of directed energy weapons against diplomats in Cuba
  • how these devices can be used in modern warfare, including economic and psychological warfare
  • some of the more dangerous ways these weapons can be used against individuals, economies, and political systems
    • cyber-linked neurocognitive manipulation (your brain is linked to network that enables it to communicate with other brains, or be controlled)
    • directed energy devices
    • transcranial neuromodulation (using tools to adjust how the brain functions)
    • implantable Brain to Machine Interfaces (BMI)
    • neuromicrobiologicals (materials that can be injected into the body which can be used with technologies to affect brain or central nervous system functions)
  • he makes clear that these ‘tools’ and concepts are on the worlds agenda for discovery and implementation as weapons and for various other uses
Close Range Neuroweapons / Psychotronics / Mind Control Interview With Dr. James Giordano

Dr. James Giordano is interviewed by Kristen Conklin, an individual that has declared herself a Targeted Individual. Some questions that are asked:

  • How do neuroweapons (Directed Energy Weapons) work?
  • Were neuroweapons used on the diplomats in Cuba and China?
  • How are neuroweapons being used by governments around the world?
  • Where can we learn more about how neuroweapons work?
  • Are there any other cases beyond the Cuban case study, or comments you’d like to make regarding your analysis on that study?
  • There are patents regarding tracking people using electromagnetic systems – how might a person feel if they are being subjected to a tracking system?
  • Regarding ethics and regulations – what is in place to keep us safe – do you have any recommendations?
  • What are the deterrents for these technologies to be used by governments?

Dr. Barrie Trower

Dr. Barrie Trower, a retired Royal Navy weapons expert, who took courses on microwave weaponry and biology, and interrogated captured enemy spy’s. Recognized as an expert, he is asked to speak about the effects of Microwave signals on the human body.

Discussing Microwave Weapons and Wireless Devices

Dr. Barry Trower reviews the use of microwave weapons during his time in the military, and expresses concern over the use of wireless devices around children in schools. Click here to watch the whole video. In this video:

  • he recalls an instance where he was diffusing an underwater bomb and was warned not to raise it because someone could use a microwave weapon to set the bomb off or point the weapon at his head to make him make a mistake
  • he comments on taking a course to learn about microwave weapons and indicates that they are already in use around the world
    • he references an instance where Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp protesters in England suffered the same symptoms as someone that has been attacked by directed energy weapons
  • he mentions that you cannot detect that you are being targeted
  • he states that they can cause neurological diseases and cancers
  • he recalls performing an investigation where two babies died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (same location over a 5 year span), noticing that the only common element was the presence of a powerful microwave transmitter located external the bedroom wall
  • when contracted by a police department in England to review a communications system called, “TETRA Airwaves”, he recommended it not be used for health concerns – official report here

Dr. Nick Gegich

Dr. Nick Gegich, an outspoken political activist that has served as an expert witness and speaker before the European Parliament.

An InfoWars Interview With Dr. Begich

Another interview that I found to be both interesting and relative to documents that I have sourced, where Dr. Begich speaks to:

  • Dr. Jose Delgado’s work:
  • Dr. Persinger’s document which suggests you can generate a signal causing the general population to become agitated or distressed
  • the ability for any generated electromagnetic signal (having sufficient strength to interact with the body) to be modulated with frequencies of low power to produce resonate effects on the body
  • the use of over 500,000 military personnel and the general public in scientific experiments – with most of them being unwilling or uninformed subjects
A Conversation with Dr. Nick Begich

While I present the entire video for you to review, I draw your attention 21:41 where Dr. Nick Begich speaks to the below:

  • some of the historic work associated with Mind Control and interfering with free will
  • he connects events to politics occurring at the time they occurred
  • he makes mention of an organization the United States Navy Intelligence and CIA agencies have used as a front (the Mankind Research Association), suggesting:
    • they researched how to apply the information that had been gathered using the MKULTRA programs in a way that would allow them to manipulate people over huge geographic areas for very specific outcomes [Source: Professor Gordon MacDonald]
    • further, just as with the Russians, they were also involved in ESP research (also known as ParaPhysics) – and had also concluded that it exists
  • he discusses the personal implications of technology being used by the military and government
    • one of the stated goals of air force military planners is to create a complete memory set in a person where you cannot distinguish the difference between the real and the fiction in a persons brain

Dr. Robert Duncan

Dr. Robert Duncan, a US scientist and engineer who worked on Black Projects for DARPA, CIA, Justice Department, and the Department of Defense.

Classified Government Projects by Dr. Robert Duncan

In this video he advises us of some of the projects that he worked on, his inventions, and what he believes the military planned to do with them. Some of the mentioned items are beyond current published science – out of my own interest I present ‘like’ currently available technologies to supplement his arguments.

Cybernetic Hive Minds and Voice Of God Projects by Dr. Robert Duncan

Dr. Duncan speaks about cybernetic hive minds and a project he worked on called, “The Voice Of God”. Watch the video. Again, I was able to find some technologies that can be aligned with, or augment, the information he presented:

Whistle-blowers – a Summary Video

Here is another video that summarizes presentations made by the above individuals, and others, focusing on the capabilities of current technologies and where it all might be taking us as these technologies mature. Note that this website does not cover a lot of the content in this video, such as the ECHELON project – but I would encourage you to become aware!

  • William Binney
    • his opening statement is relative to if you have become of interest to the NSA or CIA
    • warns of the dangers associated with the power that agencies now seem to have over elected government bodies
  • Dr. James Giordano
    • comments how the brain and nervous system can be manipulated / disrupted
    • reminds us that the brain will be the battlefield of the 21st century
    • advises that it seems they are investigating how to target individuals covertly and without detection (the brain / nervous system / health)
    • they are investigating the use of implants to read / modify / and control human behaviour, in real time, using remote systems
    • reviews the use of drugs, bugs, and devices in combat operations against human opponents
    • discusses how bio-data can be used as a weapon – for instance altering records to suggest a person has an illness which would result in a treatment that would then in turn cause actual negative health effects
  • Jacob Appelbaum
    • discusses protesting, surveillance, and privacy intrusions when you resist policy changes or challenge authority
  • Dr. Barry Trower
    • discusses harassment approaches / tactics to discredit people who have been targeted or render them suicidal
    • discusses a possible explanation as to why microwave towers are being pushed into service across countries
    • discusses how induce specific psychiatric illness in a person
    • warns that some agencies can experiment on people acting above the law, without consent
    • discusses an experiment where an individual was driven to insanity and had a psychiatrist diagnose them
    • discussing how microwave energy emitted from devices and antenna cause cancer and ill-effects on nature in general that he expects will have lasting effects
  • Edward Snowden
    • discussing the infrastructure built by the NSA that is used to track people’s communications throughout the world
    • William Binney later circles back and furthers comments made by Edward Snowden, advising that agencies may bug your house, etc., following a system called, “Active Attack”
  • Nick Begich
    • discusses a contact awarded to MIT to remotely induce sounds into people using RF signals around 2005 / 2006
    • Barry Trower acknowledges voices are easy to induce in a person
    • advises of two contracts awarded by US Darpa in 2011 / 2012 to the University of California for electronic telepathy – monitoring the brain activity of a person at a distance, being able to detect what they are thinking, and to induce signals in the brain – transmit a message
  • Dr. John Hall
    • discussing experiments performed on individuals without consent that were funded by government agencies
    • notes physicians in the community are seeing a lot of complaints regarding the use of directed energy weapons, all having the same symptoms, across the US
  • Catherine Nester
    • a person identifying as a Targeted Individual that spoke out at the Bio-Ethics Committee Hearing in 2011

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