Processing Biological Signals (Invasive)

In another knowledge base article I review some of the technologies used to interface with the brain (Stimulating The Brain Using Invasive Technologies).  This article presents, irrelevant as the to the technologies used, some of our current capabilities that I’ve noticed have generally escaped the general public’s attention.

Some of these articles are merely interesting, while others provide a glimmer into the abuses that could be suffered if technologies are not mediated by a trust-able governing body.  Think I’m exaggerating?  Consider that scientists have been able to detect, extract, and decode a person’s ‘inner voice’ – which is the voice that most people use to think.  What could happen if this technology became available, enabling anyone to hear your inner most private thoughts?  Who could you trust to regulate such a technology to protect you?

Here is a list of just a few of the more interesting studies that have been performed:

Decoding Personal Thoughts / Dreams:

Life Enhancing / Physical Disability Correction:

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