We have become very dependent on our electronic devices.  New technologies offering never before available capabilities or conveniences make us want to use cell phones and various wireless devices more and more. Far from the limited coverage offered when cell phones were first sold to the general public, it is now ‘expected’ that you have a cellular signal no matter where you are.  This has increased the amount of electromagnetic signals present around us at all times.

Why Should I Care?

Two reasons come to mind:
1. Our bodies are made up of tissues (bio-matter) that will react when the proper frequencies are transmitted upon it having the correct signal intensity. Most people do not know that the power level of the signal can be reduced drastically if the transmitted signals are ‘properly formed’ (the signals match the needs of the cell).

Decades ago research was performed to see what voltages stimulated, or affected, the body, and it would seem that it wasn’t considered that extremely weak signals could have an effect on the body during those tests. To better understand the idea, consider this analogy – a rechargeable battery needs to be re-charged:

  • Solution one is to place it in a recharging station that is the proper type for that battery – a ‘matched’ system. Let’s say that this matched system is a 12V system with weak current output.
  • Solution two could be to temporarily wire it to an outlet in your home – a mis-matched system. Let’s say that this mis-matched system is 120V system with high current output.

We all know that the first solution, the battery charger, is the best solution – and now we know why (it is a matched system). But most people are unaware that the second solution would also have some success – but can imagine that it would damage the battery as the directions always say not to expose the rechargeable battery to high voltage. Problem is, scientists continue to cite those earlier, incorrect, measured results when discussing the effects that externally applied signals have on the body.

2. The second reason we should care about this increase in signals is that our bodies use electrical energy / electrical signals to operate. For example, when an organ in our body needs to communicate with the brain, it sends an electrical signal through our nervous system to it. Every part of our body operates at a specific electromagnetic frequency and has a signal intensity. Research has proven that signals generated outside the body can have an effect on the how the body works. Here is a published article advising how microwave frequency electromagnetic fields produce widespread neuro-psychiatric effects. And don’t think this is a new concept – check out this recently de-classified research paper from 1977 advising of how the application of signals can affect the metabolism and functioning of living organisms.

What Are The Health Concerns

Many studies have been performed on the health concerns relating to cell phone usage.  When investigated, it seems that the companies producing and selling cell phones are also funding research studies determining how their products affect the body; which has lead to the results being biased.

Most people are unaware of the possible dangers stemming from using or even just being in close proximity to a cell phone. In 2011, a study suggested that children absorb twice as much microwave radiation from phones as do adults – thus cell phones were exceeding FCC guidelines for child users [Source: News Wise].  In 2013, the American Academy of Pediatrics urged the FCC to take child users of cell phones into account stating in a letter, “Children are not little adults and are disproportionally impacted by all environmental exposures, including cell phone radiation” [Source: Time].

In 2015, Dr. Devra Davis, an internationally recognized expert on electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and other wireless transmitting devices, spoke about the effects cellular phones can have on consumers at the University of Melbourne.  In her presentation she notes that most epidemiological studies find no increase in risk of brain cancer from mobile phone radiation until after 10 years of heavy use – BUT heavy use is defined as a cell user who makes one call a week for six months. Therefore, the risks are significantly greater, as most of us use our devices well beyond this amount!  I invite you to watch her presentation here.

As of December 2017, the National Toxicology Program (US Department of Health and Human Services) released details of an experiment on the potential health hazards from cell phone radio frequency radiation.  The US$25 Million dollar experiment concluded that there were low instances of tumors in the brains and hearts of male rats after exposure to cellular signals [source: IEEE Spectrum, CNS Neurosurgery, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Scientific American].  This is a reversal of the prior stance that cellular signals do not in any way affect people.

In an article published in 2011, it was suggested that cell phones can trigger unwanted or desired brain activity “Holding a cell phone to the ear for an extended period of time increases activity in regions of the brain closest to the antenna, researchers have found.”.  Here are some articles advising of other effects, like slowing thought processes, affecting young people’s memory retention, imbalance of brain chemistry, etc.: Business Insider, Mobile Radiation News, VestTech, Deutsche Welle, Very Well Mind.

As of 2018, some cell phone manufactures now suggest their devices remain at a distance from the human body at all times, not be used in low signal situations, and be placed in Airplane mode while traveling in cars or buses [Source: CBS News, Silicon Valley, NBC Bay Area News, Environmental Health Trust, Physicians for Safe Technology].  The US State of California’s Department of Health also issued guidelines to the same effect, but only after a lawsuit was initiated by Berkeley professor, Joel Moskowitz, forcing the report’s public release [Source: CBS].

Unfortunately it would seem that the FCC is not being forthcoming with information that is harmful to the profitability of cellular technologies.

As recently as 2019, Apple and Samsung are now facing a class-action lawsuit over claims that their phones expose consumers to electromagnetic radiation emissions up to 500 percent beyond federal limits.  The lawsuit alleges that the risks of such radiation levels include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, genetic damages, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and a long list of other medical problems. I present an article from IEEE Spectrum where an independent lab tested an iPhone 11 Pro and noted it exceeded the FCC limit by two times the regulated amount.

But Aren’t We Rolling Out 5G?!

It is interesting that, all things considered, some governments continue to plan the roll out of a new 5G network, that from what I understand, only amplifies this concern.  Here is a brief text as taken from the 5G Appeal website:

During the recent years over 240 scientists from more than 40 countries have expressed their “serious concerns”, via EMF Scientists Appeal, regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF generated by electric and wireless devices – already before the additional 5G roll-out. The over 240 scientists refer to the fact that ”numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines”. Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plants and animals.

I invite you to check out this article posted on, “Medium“. They reference a front page article written by the New York Times which suggested concerns over 5G are linked to a Russian ploy to delay or derail the deployment of 5G technologies.  It is worth the read – here is an excerpt from the page:

These otherwise credible media sources ignore the substantial body of science pinpointing hazards of wireless radiation and 5G detailed in independent journalistic investigations that have appeared extensively in media throughout Europe and been covered by major networks.

You may also want to read this article, “Health Nut News“, which presents a UN Staff Member advising the UN Secretary General about the need to review the dangers of the 5G equipment that has been deployed throughout the building. The UN Secretary General clearly advises that he is unaware of what 5G is and says he will look into it – and seems worried as he already has it in his own house. I also suggest this article by Maclean’s to also be a great read, where they review the threats to Canada’s security, health, and public infrastructure.

As well, research is only valid when it is generated from / by researchers who are not biased or funded (directly or indirectly) by anyone who would benefit from the results. As well, the researchers themselves should also not have a vested interest in the results.  So I found it really interesting to read that in 2019, during a US Senate Commerce Hearing, US Senator Blumenthal raised concerns on 5G wireless technology’s potential health risks, and the wireless carriers conceded that they are not aware of any independent scientific studies on the safety of 5G technologies. Here is the press release.

There is a lot of controversy on this topic! Here is a brief list of websites offering information that questions the legality of forcing 5G, whether it is harmful or not, lawsuits against the use and deployment of 5G, groups fighting to stop its deployment, and etc…

A link to over 800 scientific abstracts (papers) relating to this topic can be found here.

Dr. Barry Trower, has also advised that the World Health Organization has written documents, stating they are watching to see how many cancers and biological anomalies stem from mobile phone exposure. He furthers that this, therefore, is evidence that they are performing an experiment on the general population which is in violation of the “Nuremberg Treaty”, signed by many countries, which state that no human being can be experimented on without having provided their consent. There is also a European law stating that any company causing ecological damage can be held accountable for that damage, so long as it is proved in court, and suggests that cellular companies can be held accountable for the deaths of bee colonies, and etc…

Does Wi-Fi Also Pose A Danger?

In what I’ve read, I believe it does. I offer the following supporting evidence. Dr. Barry Trower, a British physicist who was a microwave weapons expert and who worked for the Royal Navy and the British Secret Service, has given many lectures regarding the health effects of Wi-Fi and other forms of microwave radiation. On May 2015, he talked talked in depth for nearly two hours about the dangers of microwave radiation absorption from sources such as cell phone towers, Wi-Fi routers, smartphones, tablets, etc. at the Steiner Academy in Exeter.  He reviews health implications such as; cancers, neurological damage, miscarriages, and birth defects.  The video is two hours, but is filled with fact driven insightful information that will open your eyes as to the use of RF in your homes, environment, and even as a weapon (source: YouTube). In another interview, Barry condenses his reason as to why Wi-Fi should not be used in schools and clearly outlines the long-term damage that will be suffered by our children (source: YouTube).

There is a lot of information available on the Internet, and no need for me to rewrite it for you here! For instance, this website is a good resource that outlines some of the issues being reported, and advises you of some of the studies being performed. I also offer a few other links to information on this topic below:

  • The Star – UK Expert Warns Against Wi-Fi
  • Larry King Live -Germany Warns Citizens To Avoid Using Wi-Fi Wireless Radiation
  • The Connexion – France Bans Wi-Fi In Nurseries
  • The Telegraph – Is Wi-Fi Making Your Child Ill?
  • EMF Scientist Org – An appeal made to the United Nations by Dr. Martin Blank on behalf of scientists who have proved that EMF signals generated by electronics are damaging our bodies

Of course, I leave it to you to decide for yourself as to whether or not cellular systems and Wi-Fi technologies are harmful! My thoughts are that you would want to limit your kid’s exposure. In fact, you might consider following these recommendations.