I have highlighted text synchronous with my desire to remotely extract biological signals.


What is a Targeted Individual? I’d suggest:

  • a person that believes others can read their thoughts using technology
  • that this technology is being used to negatively affect people
  • they have come to this belief from personal experience
  • they do not take drugs or suffer from psychologically dehabilitating issues

When I first started reading about TI’s I thought that they were maybe just hyper sensitive to electromagnetic radiation (video here)– but now I’m not so sure….

There are four hundred thousand people (in China alone!) who actively call themselves Targeted Individuals, with the count increasing to staggering numbers when you include those in other countries across the globe.

I became interested in this while reading an article about a technology that could pick up some of the faint signals generated by the brain in the wrist area. Of course the technology was real, but there was a rant in the comment area from a man who suggested his mind was being read and he was being harassed by a 14 yr old kid next door using his cell phone. Of course, I felt the man to be delusional and joked with a friend that I needed to switch cell phone providers – mine doesn’t offer any features like that! But seriously this reminded me of watching those older TV shows touching the subject of TI’s, MKULTRA, and mind control (some being MKULTRA documentaries, SCI-FI shows like the X-Files and “The Blacklist” (Season 2, Episode 4) – and the more I thought about it and as my research progressed I felt this needed to be looked into a bit deeper.


As you read about them, you learn that while some people declaring themselves Targeted Individuals are in fact, unemployed, suffering from drug usage issues, or etc., the majority of them are gainfully employed as lawyers, teachers, soldiers, construction workers, military and ex-military, contractors, owning their own companies, and etc..

They socialize on social media networks and websites, have formed groups (here is an example), and speak out about what is happening to them. The have gone public – even making the news like this person. They attend rallies like this one, or this one. Some have posted video’s describing how they perceive the technology to work, operational tactics, and describe the impacts this has had on their lives – like this person, or this person. They have Twitter feeds, and have submitted presentations to the US Senate. One offers a USD $1 Million reward for “information that leads to the arrest and conviction of perpetrators, public disclosure of the targeting process, stoppage of harassment, and insight into medical remediation for victims”. They cite the knowledge of individuals like: Robert Duncan, or Julianne McKinney.


And their cause has reached the attention of the United Nations Human Rights commission, with the Ministry of Defense of Poland having provided an official acknowledgement of the existence of electromagnetic harassment and having asked that this be addressed. With hopes that we remain in a free and civilized society, this raises question as to how we are legally protected from this. This has prompted others to create petitions, and try to raise awareness as to just how close we are (if we have not yet already secretly accomplished this) to being able to both read and write to people’s minds. Here is a link to one such group, the Organization of Victims of Psychotronic (Mind Control) Weapons. Some of the supporting articles posted on the website are pretty cool – worth the read!

Why Do I Suggest This A Possibility?

Considering the attacks made against the US Diplomats in Cuba and China, and that other spies have also come forward, and I believe considering all my research brough forth on this website, it seems quite plausible to me – and thus action is warranted.

I like to think logically about things – so I wondered:

  • Wouldn’t a technology such as this be considered a threat to a countries National Security?
    • You would no longer require Spies.
    • Organized Crime could infiltrate deeper into money rich environments.
  • If we have reached a point where undetectable “attacks” on the health of can be made by remote against US Diplomats and their children, then what could be done to leaders? Perhaps even a President?
  • Why wasn’t a bigger deal not made of the attack on the US Diplomat’s by the US Military and the US Government?
    • The US Government was dismissive suggesting that crickets made sounds at night that affected the Diplomats (and other silly suggestions), while the US Military has commissioned research on a wearable patch that their soldiers can wear to help detect an attack.
    • Not much news or action from them considering the possible ramifications!
    • Therefore you can imply that Government agencies are already very well aware and are holding back information.

While researching I found a group that posted concepts regarding how you might be able to protect yourself from such attacks on the Internet. This made me think that it would actually be quite logical for those constructing devices to target citizens and experiment with them prior to using them against goverment or military targets. Therefore, it is possible that civilians have been attacked by the types of weapons used on the Diplomats as an experiment prior to their use on the Diplomats. And if the devices currently being exposed can affect people’s health – then I would wonder what the next generation currently under secret test can do?


We have to remember that people will interpret what is happening to them within their understanding of their environment and knowledge. Such as the case of Kevin Douglas Limbaugh, who interpreted what-ever was happening to him with that he was being ‘hit with ultra sonic waves meant to keep dogs from barking’. Maybe he really did hear something and that was how he interpreted it.


Groups have been organized to try to raise attention – such as the ICAACT – The International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies, and this one; Mind Justice. And they reference documentaries, such as this one. I watched the documentary, and was surprised that I could align the content with documents, articles, and recently de-classified US CIA documents – which to me raised the documentary’s credibility. When you watch the documentary, while you may not want to believe those things really happened, you have to watch understanding that they did.

As you research you will find that some individuals having committed crimes recorded their reasons as having been “Targeted” – like Aaron Alexis and Myron May. Regarding Aaron Alexis, I had a second, far more interesting and controversial link to another article published by the Washington Times called “42 Days after mind control complaint Alexis kills 12″, that contained more information and research into the case, but unfortunately the Washington Times pulled it – thus I have to offer this link to an article that discusses the articles contents. It is interesting that the article references this publication released under the Freedom of Information act called, “Bioeffects of Selected Non Lethal Weapons“, which details similarities between microwave irradiation and drugs on biological systems, and voice to skull technologies.

A Deeper Dive Into How This Could Be Linked To The Weapons Used On The US Diplomats

In my reading I noticed some TI’s reference the same symptoms as the diplomats in Cuba and China that were reportedly attacked by Directed Energy Weapons. But it is interesting to note that TI’s have been reporting symptoms like those of the embassy attacks for many years prior to those embassy attacks – which means they are not copying the statements made by the diplomats. And I’ve noticed that the technologies they reference or suggest are being used to harass them seem to be the next logical step in the current evolution of available technologies.

Where this gets truly interesting, is that some of these people are ex-government employees – like Karen Melton-Stewart, a retired NSA employee having worked for the agency as an intelligence analyst for over 28 years and who had top-secret clearance, who has openly commented on incidences that she believes are directly tied to the use of the same directed energy weapons used on the diplomats in Cuba and China. She reads her affidavit online here. Kind of makes you wonder why a person with a high level of security clearance, having a good paying government job, would quit and make these types of statements if they did not have a strong belief in what is being said? Just as an FYI, in the video she mentions Fusion Centers – I provide the link to help those who are not as familiar with what a Fusion Center is within the NSA architecture.


As I mentioned earlier, TI’s complain about having those same symptoms as the diplomats in Cuba and China [information here, and here]. Below is a comparison of their symptoms – note the similiarities!

  • Sensations:
    • feeling like they were walking through a “force-field” during the time they were being affected – whether in groups or in isolation
    • feeling ill
  • Mental:
    • difficulty remembering words, speech problems, short-term memory loss, problems concentrating
  • Auditory:
  • Physical:
    • nervous-system damage, signs of brain swelling or concussions (with appropriate physical symptoms), mild brain injuries with symptoms including “subtle and vague, but abnormal, sensations of sound and pressure”, hearing loss, balance issues, headaches, ringing in the ears, tinnitus, eyesight issues, and nausea
  • Environmental:
    • the diplomats suggested the device used as having consistent pin-pointed precision (within and throughout the same room or in a specific location in a room)
    • targeted individuals suggest pin-pointed precision capable of tracking them – sometimes as they navigate throughout their day from location to location
Targeted Individuals Often Complain Of These Additional Concerns:
  • Sensations:
    • feeling emotions that are inappropriate to the situation – an emotion they would not normally feel per the incident
  • Auditory:
    • hearing other people’s voices, full sentences, conversations, usually quite relative to situations, circumstances, and events
  • Physical:
    • physical ‘burns’ can be found on the body
    • joint and muscle ache and pain
  • Environmental:

I recalled the research regarding how you can modify a person’s emotions and morality using magnetics, and wondered how hard it would be to convert it into an electromagnetic equivalent and connect it to the same weapon used on the diplomats? If this could be done, then it wouldn’t take much to start to explain some of the additional concerns described by the TI’s.

With the additional presence of street theater, I can see why TI’s often suggest that there is a system being put in place meant to ‘control’ people – leading me to the next section:

How Is The Concept Of Mind Control Connected To All This?

The reality is that the concept of “Mind Control” is not quite as ‘far out’ as most people think it is. In fact, I learned about this concept while attending DeVry and taking a course on Business Psychology – we discussed the following:

  • Commercials: perhaps the best example as they use social psychology to instantiate a need or want by showing others wanting the product, or making it appear that ownership of the product would make you more popular, desirable, powerful, or happy in some way.
  • School: per country we are all taught the same things, in the same way, from the same books, in a collective group, by an authority figure. From this we all share the same view, grow to learn that authority figures are always correct and should be respected, and learn obedience. This could be argued a form of ‘conditioning’.
  • History books: they may not always have the full account of events, with the lack of full disclosure helping to paint a more satisfactory picture for the culture presenting the information.
  • The News: consider that we watch the same filtered news where we are told which nations are our enemy and why. In fact, more and more people are becoming aware that news agencies with-hold information and broadcast biased news.
  • Subliminal messaging: used to be recorded in with the music played at stores, and would encourage shoppers to purchase specific products. I’ve witnessed this while shopping at a Bi-Way store in Hamilton – it worked! In fact, this worked so well it drew media attention and then became banned from use in stores….

Considering the power attributed to the above, I ask the question – why wouldn’t a group of people, capable of making a weapon that can affect people as the US Diplomats were, want to include a capability of manipulating others in it’s design for use against a perceived enemy? Especially if it could be done in a way that would be extremely difficult to detect or prove its existance?

If This Is Really Happening – Who Would Do This – And Why?

I decided to try to determine who would do these types of things to seemingly random people around the world – and why. I drafted a quick review of my thoughts here, and am asking people to read it and offer any comments / suggestions that they may have.

I encourage you to read the next section, “Remotely Extracting Biological Signals – An Introduction“, where I review the basic concepts behind the extraction of biological signals.