After reading this article about a man who helped pioneer efforts to use data mining tools to help police locate victims of human trafficking on-line, I became curious about the possibility of using Artificial Intelligence to communicate with human traffickers (arrange ‘sessions’ with victims)?

Currently, investigative units are undermanned and overwhelmed with cases, and with the help of new technologies such as DIG, they are being bombarded with more information than they can handle – considering their limited resources, and the time required to tackle each case.

With computerized voices sounding incredibly realistic nowadays, I was wondering as to whether or not AI could be programmed to communicate with traffickers in an attempt to arrange ‘sessions’ with their victims?  This would give them more time to focus on other activities leading to arrests / convictions.

I would think that AI would be able to handle conversations limited to a narrow scope range pretty well.  Vocabulary would be simple and restricted to ‘street’ type communication. Parameters could be provided (street addresses, names, where the information was sourced, etc.), so that the AI could gain trust and remain credible.

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