As in most countries, organized crime in Canada can be linked to other crime groups world-wide, some of which can be further linked to foreign governments and terrorists.  It is also known that crime groups are penetrating legit businesses, using them to launder money.  These profits are supplemented through the sale of drugs, weapons, human trafficking, and the sale of other contraband.

Therefore by extension, affiliated terrorists and other crime groups are using this additional funding to support their own illegal activities, causing damage in a multitude of levels in the countries they are operating in.

The failure of one country to aggressively eliminate these criminal activities would therefore only serve to strengthen the ‘hold’ that affiliated crime groups and terrorists have in other countries.

This makes me wonder why other countries do not hold the Canadian government partially financially responsible for the costs to police, military, the economic weakening, and any property and other damages inflicted by affiliated crime groups in their countries?  Would the grip crime groups have within economies world-wide would be lessened if financial levies were to be applied between countries sharing those crime groups.

Or perhaps on businesses?  For instance many banks are known to have laundered monies for crime groups – yet it takes years for any financial incentives to be applied against them – which never seem to have any real impact.  What if they were to be held partially financially responsible for the actions of the groups they are allowing to launder money?

It seems that we share information and technologies, and yet we lack the will to share the financial burden to eliminate these threats to our society.  Through this, they become stronger.

I offer a reminder that Organized Crime groups are currently a Tier 1 threat to Canadian National Security and is becoming a threat to the National Security of the United States and Europe.

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